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Manyū Hiken-chō

Type: or “Magic Breast Secret Sword Scroll” (I’m not joking)

Synopsis: Think equivalent exchange, but with boobs. In Tokugawa Japan, a young kinoichi steals her clan’s boob stealing technique in an effort to change the world. A world where a person’s boob size determines their social rank. Except for men, who are still lords and heads of families under this system. A system that would logically only benefit women. Huh….Well, whatever, BOOBIES!!

Pros: Magic Breast Secret Sword Scroll, because why not?, is a fairly serviceable boob anime. The set up has out main character, Chifusa, traveling Japan as she tries to outrun “assassins” sent to get back the scroll she stole. Except that instead of dying, she runs the risk of having her boobs shrunken. For about six episodes, Chifusa uses the scroll’s technique to not only shrink boobs, but also absorb their power. Meaning that every episode we see Chifusa’s boobs get bigger, with sexy results. The show stays fairly consistent with it’s main gimmick: the show revolves around boobs because it’s world revolves around boobs. And it takes many instances to point out the silliness of such a world, often with ridiculous fan service. Bouncy bouncy indeed.

Cons: I mean, it’s kinda a one joke series, isn’t it? Throughout the show, we will see boobs bounce, jiggle, and even twirl. We see them get grouped, sucked, ties up, measured, weighed, etc. The joke gets a little stale. Then there’s the plot, which has an identify crisis. While it’s mostly a boob comedy, the show tries to throw in some clan intrigue in Chifusa’s feud with the Manyu clan. The clan’s head is Chifusa’s father, who coldly and ruthlessly sends assassins to ruin his daughter. But having a male villain in a show that focuses so much on breasts and women’s relationship with them feels incongruous.  For example, towards the end of the show Chifusa learns how to give breasts, not just take them. The secret to the technique is maternal love, a fundamental form of femininity. So it would have made a lot more sense if Chifusa’s main villain was a Woman who lacked maternal love and took breasts, and therefore femininity, away. It would have set up a nice metaphorical conflict between the positive femininity and negative femininity. I guess masculinity could also be interpreted as a lack of femininity, but it would be too simplistic to frame this argument through gender binary–What the hell am I doing!? This is a dumb anime about about big boobs! If you likes boobs and moaning then watch it, if not, then don’t!

Watch it: Oh, and the opening is terrible. (3/5)

MVP: Chifusa Manyū

Boobs are cool.

Best Episode: Ep.8 “Chifusa Imprisoned” (Lord Hatomune is the best!)

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Ninja Scroll

Type: The One You Were Too Young To Rent, But Saw Anyway


Synopsis: So back in the 90’s, anime was still a relatively new thing in the States. With things like Speed Racer and Gundam being the only comparisons, many adults often made the mistake that “anime=for children.” So image your surprise when you walk into your local video store, your parents rent something called Ninja Scroll from the animation section, only to get home and watch a Japanese lord have sex with his concubine while a Kunoichi reports that all his ninja were slaughtered. Kids, be grateful you have the internet now.

Pros: From what I can gather, Ninja Scroll is one of the most famous anime movies in the west. In the same vain as Akira and Eva, its popularity can partly be attributed to the fact that it was actually released and dubbed for English speaking audiences during a time when anime was scarce. Thankfully, it  does live up to the hype. The movie is about a group of ninjas trying to get their hands on some gold, with our protagonists coming along mainly to kill people. This thing is a Hard-R, full of awesomely violent fight scenes, some nudity, and one sex scene. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for a modern movie, or some cable TV shows, but keep in mind that this was made in 1993.

Cons: If you somehow saw this back in the day thanks to the ignorance of the past…good for you? This thing is super violent and has one sexual assault (not rape, but close), so be cautious. The plot if fairly simple, being mostly about greed and revenge. I got a little confused about Kagero’s story line, because it seemed that in the beginning she resented being treated as a feudal woman, but in the end she falls in love with Jubei because, in her words, he treated her like a woman. Maybe she meant as an “equal” and it got lost in translation.

Watch it?: It’d give it a go

MVP: Jubei Kibagami


Loosely based on an actual guy

Best Moment: The Last Fight (fire everywhere!)

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Battle Girls: Time Paradox

Type: Nobunaga, Tokugawa, Hideyoshi, the usual.


Synopsis: A girl is sent back in time to the Feudal Japan where she meets all the big named Japanese Leaders that are forever stuck in the anime cycle of death and resurrection. Now there’s a thought. What if the cycle of rebirth also includes fictional worlds? Like, you die, then get recreated in some poor shmuck’s fan fiction. That would suck. Huh? Oh yeah, synopsis time. The girl finds that everyone is also a girl and there are no men in the past, because girls are pretty.

Pros: There’s nothing much to say one way or another. This is a solid mid-tier comedy with only a very little bit of Historical Drama put in. This means that any potential betrayals or attacks are immediately forgiven after the fact. I will admit that the character of Hideyoshi isn’t the most annoying small-blonde character in anime history, but she doesn’t do much. No one in this anime does much. Although, there is one episode that deals with a woman’s love for another woman fairly earnestly. So it gets points for that. A fairly easy watch with some chuckles here and there.

Cons: So aside from the usual slice-of-life stories, the main plot involves Nobunaga collecting this mysterious “Crimson Armor” that will let her take over Japan. This was basically just an excuse to introduce other notable historical gender-swapped characters. The no guys thing is never explained, neither is the talking dog (p.s.There’s a talking dog). Since you probably already get a feel for what this show is, can I say how interesting it is that Oda Nobunaga is usually the central focus in these types of shows. Whenever anime goes to the past, they usually hit up Nobunaga. For those who don’t know, Nobunaga was the first of the Three Great Unifiers of Japan, followed by Hideyoshi and Tokugawa. Just a fun fact.

Synopsis: Total middle of the road show (3/5)

MVP: Yoshino Hide


I wish her staff skillz had come more into play.

Best Episode: Ep. 02 “Confused Maiden” (Don’t get cocky kid)

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The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Type: Man, I wish they did this with the U.S. Civil War


Synopsis: The year is somewhere around the 16th century. Those were turbulent times. Japan was in the middle of a countless civil wars, Religion/Political/Commercial leaders vied for power by any means necessary, and all the high ranking military personnel just happen to be pretty teenage girls. There was also this time traveler who helped Oda Nobuna, commonly misnamed Nobunaga, with his Nobunaga’s Ambition video game experience (which is a real game!).

Pros: Listen, I’m a fan of history, so I’m a tad biased when saying that having an anime re-imagine the Sengoku Period was pretty great. Making the famous Oda Nobunaga a pretty blonde girl made me think about other historical figures as pretty anime girls. I’m looking at you Abraham Lincoln. I’m not an expert, but all the major events in the anime seemed legit, and genuinely exciting. The history lessons were nicely woven with typical harem/love-comedy story beats. By itself, it’s an above-average harem anime. I also really liked the show’s celebration of a merit based society and international cooperation, which are two very noble goals even today.

Cons: I’m willing to let the fact that one of Japan’s most famous figures was a blonde girl go because this is anime, and having pretty girls as historical figures made learning about history more exciting. Though don’t expect a truly accurate retelling, because I doubt that elephants ever stampeded down Kyoto (though I really wish they had). My problem wasn’t with that, it was with the main character, Sagara. It’s never really explained how Sagara ended up in the past. Seriously. The show starts with Sagara already in the past. He just accepted it like it was nothing. That was weird. I also found it kinda iffy that Sagara’s “crew,” for lack of a better word, were all prepubescent girls. The show also had this habit of adding new characters every couple of episodes, which made the cast seem a little crowded.

Watch it: Any history or harem fan will love it (4/5)

MVP: Oda Nobuna

Oda Nobuna no Yabou - 06 - Large 26

Let’s Unify Japan Together!

Best Episode:  Ep. 6 “Sunomata One-Night Castle” (I wonder if this really happened?)

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Samurai Champloo

Type: Hip-Hop Samurai fights

Synopsis: Ditzy waitress Fuu is looking for her father, “a Samurai that smells of Sunflower.” As luck would have it, she manages to get two wandering swordsmen into her debt. Mugen is a slob with an unorthodox break-dancing fighting style, Jin is a prim and proper rounin well versed in the traditional samurai sword style. Its the original odd-couple! You know…if it was set in Edo Japan…and had a recurring female lead…and was about rap.

Pros: The entire show is very well done. It mixes historical events, anime fights, and rap culture all into one very fun show. Fuu’s seach gives the show a reason for exploring 19th century Japan. Much of the show is essentially about rebellion and change, which is amplified by the use the hip-hip soundtrack. Each fight is also well handled. Mugen and Jin are fun to watch, but their not super human. Its nice to see an anime where the good guys can’t decimate a group of opponents with one move. Overall, an excellent show.

Cons: Nothing really….Nope, still nothing. Some episodes tend to veer off course a little, like the one involving a ninja. I also think that Jin isn’t given as much attention as Mugen. But that’s about it.

Watch it?: F@#$ Yeah! (5/5)

MVP?: Mugen

Baddest Man on the Planet

Best Episode: Ep. 18 “War of the Words” (the kids call it art, I call the cops)

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