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Full Metal Panic!

Type: Plus Second Raid


Synopsis: A child soldier named Sousuke Sagura is sent to Japan school to guard a possibly magic girl named Kaname Chidori. Weirdly, the international peace keeping force that sent him neglected the fact that he has not espionage skills, or that he would fall in love. Because of this incredible oversight, his cover in blown right off the bat, putting himself and his charge in constant danger. On the positive side, this does mean the two get to go on the occasional date/counter-terrorist mission.

Pros: This show is the more serious parent series of Fumoffu, which is considered one of the funnier anime series around. For those wondering, yes, during the less action packed episodes, Full Metal Panic! can be just as funny as Fumoffu. The series itself is a military themed action-drama in which the Sausuke Saguar and the counter-terrorist organization “Mithrill”  fight Cobra, I mean the bad guys. Both season one and two have respective big bads, though I’d give the nudge to Season 1’s bat-shit scary Gauron. That man was frightening. The show has really strong characters, each feeling like they have depth and personality, even if they only show up for one scene. Tessa, for example, was portrayed a competent military officer, despite having a jealous crush on Sagura and being designed like the typical “pure” character. The fact that she came off as a “real” person speak volumes for the character work in the show (that one scene in S.2, Ep. 8 was so good!).

Cons: This show ebbs in its pacing. It has really intense action arcs, but then really mellow episodes in between. So it goes really fast, then really slow. The first season was particularly guilty of this, being 25 episodes, some being clearly filler. Season 2 less so because it was only 13 episodes. In fact, Season 2 had a lot less high school scenes than season 1, though Fumoffu had premiered in between, so it sorta balances out. Full Metal Panic! is based on Light Novels, meaning that in classic Light Novel Anime fashion, we don’t get the full story. We don’t know what the “whispered” are. We don’t know about Amalgam. And we end on and open-ended finale. The anime itself is also pretty violent at times, veering from PG-13 to R regularly during the action episodes.

Watch it?: As far as military/high school anime goes, its pretty good. (4/5)

MVP: Tessa Testarossa


Honestly, even I underestimated her

Best Episode: S.2, Ep. 8 “Jungle Groove” (honestly, S.2 Ep.7-13 are must watches)

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Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Type: Child soldier goes to school and hilarity ensues.

Synopsis: A school in Japan plays host to a war freak named Sousuke Sagara. The only thing keeping him under control is his ultra violent girlfriend (?) named Kaname Chidori. But they come together through Sousuke’s furry fetish in the form of Bonta-Kun (mecha-mouse with a bowler hat).

Pros: Funny and short. Sousuke’s military act is perfectly balanced with Chidori’s miniscule patience. Every time Chidori smacked Sousuke for acting like a fool, you can’t help but fall to the floor with laughter. The show has slapstick comedy that is seriously missing in modern animes. One of my particular favorite moments involves Bunta Kun, a banana, and a shower (and thats all I gatta say).

Cons: FMP tends to dance with the high school comedy troupes that diminishes its slap stick nature. The classic beach, date, and hot spring hotel episodes are all here. Their funny, but the funny is dispersed. Luckily, the funny moments outshine the generic ones.

Watch it?: Of Course. (4/5)

MVP: Sausuke Sagara

Unemotional military savant in a world he never made.

Best Episode: Ep. 12 “5th Period Hot Spot” (the real beauty of the human spirit)

Video Summary: Here

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