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Chaika- The Coffin Princess

Type: Gothic Lolita confirmed


Synopsis: A not as cool as you think with the name COFFIN PRINCESS girl is on the search for the remains of her evil Wizard Emperor Dad so she can bury them. I mean, it’s not like an evil Wizard Emperor would ever do something messed up to his own body parts….She ends up hiring two saboteurs to help her along the way. Now, why  the people hiding the body parts didn’t just give the Coffin Princess and her friends decoy body parts is another story. I guess they don’t want anything to compromise their bragging rights of owning the shin of the last great Wizard Emperor.

Pros: As anime based on light novels that don’t really have a definitive ending goes, this was pretty fun. The action’s good, the animation’s good, and the characters are good. Well, some of them are good. Mainly the three leads, Chaika, Toru, and Akira. Chaika speaks in broken Yoda speak, which made her a little more of a unique moe character. Toru break away from the typical whiny or mary sue mold for male leads by having actual motivations and opinions. For example, the initial reason he joined Chaika is because she promised him more battles, which really appealed to him as a sabateour (basically a ninja) in peace time. And Akira was a great comedic stoic, even if her love for her unmotivated “brother” is well worn material. The trio’s journey to find the missing body parts of the dead emperor is a great frame for world building, and we get to meet a lot of interesting characters. Not to mention that the fights in this are pretty well made, Toru and friends usually end up out thinking their opponents rather than trying to overpower them. Hell, one of the last fights ends with a subtle stabbing. (p.s. This anime also has one of the grossest moments I’ve ever seen. It’s in the last episode. Only in anime!)

Cons: The plot for this anime is fairly predictable. Once the second “Chaika” is introduced, you pretty much know what’s going to happen. Hell, the anime even opens with “Chaika” being given an ominous warning. To save you the 2 seconds it would take to figure it out: Chaika is one of several clones created by the late Emperor to collect his remains in the even of his death. This is most likely so he can resurrect himself and get revenge or whatever. The different versions of Chaika are cool, as they each amass a different type of entourage. What’s actually holding the anime back more are the “Gillett Corps,” the shows main “antagonists” who are following Chaika and friends. They’re made up of 2 other lolitas and other boring people. I actually skipped the scenes where they showed up, and lost almost zero events that were plot relevant. It’s almost like Chaika and friends were so charismatic, that the author has to throw in dead weight to balance it out. Speaking of Chaika and friends, I’ve stated above that I really like Toru. He’s a more introspective and tactial lead than I’m use to. But his status is hurt by the story giving him the stereotypical origin of having a sweet girl die in his past, thus motivating his training and skills, and his secret crush on Chaika. Come on Coffin Princess, you can do better than that.

Watch it?: Very fun (4/5)

MVP: Toru


Turns out having a lead who actually thinks before he acts is a good thing.

Best Episode: “The Valley of No Return” (too silly not to like)

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Type: Smiling Gunslinger


Synopsis: Boobs are cool. They make us drool. We love ’em all, big and small. They’re especially great when using guns. You can bounce bullets off ’em for quick reloads. They also help comfort people. If you can use ’em to break a person’s will, then no fighting need take place. They’re really the key to the ultimate battle strategy.

Pros: Grenadier is a classic shonen adventure story. About 70% humor, 30% action. Good enough, but nothing impressive. The protagonist is a happy-go-lucky-fighter who mostly gets into trouble because of misunderstandings. Think Vash the Stampede, but with bigger breasts. On that topic, or topics, for the first time ever, an anime character with ludicrously bouncy boobs actually uses them in a fight. I wasn’t joking above, Rushuna actually does reload her gun by bouncy her bullets off her breasts (well, it happened once in the show). They’re also part of her “ultimate battle strategy” or removing the will to fight. Luckily, she mainly uses them in embraces, and doesn’t just flash them. I actually really liked Rushuna’s belief that sympathy and empathy where a superior answer to violence. It made her seem more heroic.

Cons: This thing goes by really fast. It’s 12 episodes makes it feel really stuffed with supporting characters who don’t get room to breath, story lines that come and go, and a general lack of character development. Just look at Yajiro, who just joined Rushuna because he was, what, bored? It’s a common problem with manga-anime that only gets one season. Some of Rushuna’s catchphrases and such are cute at first, but get tired afterwards. No Rushuna, I do not think you can pay a ransom with a smile. You ain’t Mary Tyler Moore. And the baths, always with the baths. Where is she getting the money for these things? And the fan service is…actually not bad. It’s more eye candy than anything else, with mostly cleavage and non-nudity nakedness.

Watch it?: Fun characters, good jokes, generic shonen feel (3/5)

MVP: Rushuna Tendo


Would you care to join her?

Best Episode: Ep.12 “The Smiling Senshi” (who takes a battle in the middle of a battlefield?)

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Aria the Scarlet Ammo

Type: Lt. Murtaugh the Anime


Synopsis: That mysterious entity know as the European Union has finally made its move! The E.U. has assembled the descendants of their greatest citizens for their nefarious purposes, from Jean of Arc to Count Dracula. They even got Arsene Lupin! (the French one, not the anime one). Luckily, we got Sherlok Holmes the Fourth and sort-of Watson on our side. Even more luckily, almost everyone involved is a cute teenage girl.

Pros: I really liked a lot of what I saw here. I was particularly intrigued by the protagonist’s Kinji’s unique power. The ability to transform into a super cool guy whenever sexually aroused may possibly be the most useful superpower ever. The show was really at its best when it played up its action side and comedic side. The detective/police action elements in Aria the Scarlet Ammo really made me yearn for more anime of that genre. Having the first story arc end with an improvised plane landing brought back flashes of Die Hard 2 in the best possible way.  I also laughed out-loud whenever the show delved into its love-comedy gags. Rei Kugimiya kills it once again in her role as a Tsundere teen.

Cons: This anime came close to being everything I didn’t know I wanted from an anime, but then it decided to add supernatural powers. I could accept Kinji’s Hysteria Mode, but I draw the line at moving hair and ice people. Why couldn’t the characters just be really good at shooting? Hell, I was even digging the whole descendants of historical figures fighting one another gimmick. Now that had potential. Apart from that, the whole show felt rushed. In the span of 12 episodes, it packs in 3 story arcs that delve into a lot of characters we didn’t have proper time to invest in. The reveal of the Buntei Killer was particularly anti-climactic. But I still hope it gets another season.

Watch it?: Yes, but as three parts instead of a whole (4/5)

MVP: Shirayuki Hotogi


I found her wife/stalker approach towards Kenji delightful.

Best Episode: Ep.4 “Butei Killer” (jumping the gun too quick, but still pretty cool)

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Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail

Type: Image if Black Lagoon had 5 more episodes, which were awesome.


Synopsis: Tell me if you heard this one before. A Japanese salary man is hired by wealthy South American boy to help find his missing maid, whose gone on a killing spree after the death of the boy’s father. The Japanese man needs to contend with the American Army Unit the maid is hunting, as well as the crime lords trying to keep their city from becoming a warzone. Still funny, right?

Pros: Everything you loved about the original Black Lagoon is still here. The show has maintained is high levels of excitement, drama, and style. The characters of Roberta and Rock particularly shined. Roberta was a beast, and Rock really played the chess master role well. For a minute there, I really thought he was ganna Break Bad on us. Despite the five year gap between Blood Trail and Black Lagoon, the quality and tone of the series has not suffered one iota. I would wholeheartedly support Black Lagoon releasing periodic OVAs from now on.

Cons: In the same way that everything you loved about Black Lagoon is still there, so is everything you hated about Black Lagoon. The show is still as bleak as hell, with some content not suitable for younger viewers (or some adults). While I would like to say that this story could stand on its own, it really can’t. You need to have watched at least the first season of Black Lagoon to understand this particular story.

Watch it?: F@#$ Yeah! Its more Black Lagoon! (5/5)

MVP: Rosarita “Roberta” Cisneros


Death Poppins

Best Episode: Ep. 3 “Angels in the Crosshairs”  (shit gets disturbing)

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Type: The NRA’s wet dream


Synopsis: Do guns kill people? Guns kill people right? I’m only asking because all the girls in this show are guns. Literally. They are anthropomorphized guns that for some reason also use real guns. If they get sick, their guns break. If their guns break, they get sick. I’m still not sure if the girls are supposed to represent individual guns, entire gun models, or the horrible result of a gun-nut’s one too many lonely nights.

Pros:  While I’m still not 100% sure about who the whole “guns that are girls” thing is supposed to work, the premise was pretty interesting. All the girls use gun jargon when describing themselves, and use factual gun history as their own life story. For example, Ichiroku is an M16 and the most popular girl in school, paralleling the gun’s popularity around the world. Every girl’s personality traits are also based on the gun they represent. This can range from being clumsy and unreliable, to being able to endure extreme temperatures. The show also had fairly exciting actions sequences, especially for a slice-of-life comedy show.

Cons: Since the main protagonists are all in middle school, the show’s use of double entendres was uncomfortable to watch. For example, the character Funco has a crush on her teacher, and dreams of his “big hands on her trigger.” Gross right? The show also didn’t do a good job at explaining what these girls were. I initially thought they were in military school, and was horrified at their irresponsible use of live ammunition. I’m also left with a lot  of questions concerning the girls themselves. Are they spirits? Are they robots? If they are guns, why do they use guns? When they graduate do they become real guns? Are they born or made? Do they age? It might be best not to think about the logic of this show too thoroughly.

Watch it?: A gun freak’s paradise (3/5)

MVP: Ichiroki



Best Episode: Ep. 2 “Go for it! Pass it!” (man, guns are dangerous)

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Corpse Princess: Kuro

Type: Finally Getting to the Point


Synopsis: The dead continue to walk among us in the shortest skirts imaginable, but you get use to it. With his older brother dead, protagonist Ouri has finally started to put on his big boy pants by joining the secret Buddhist cult that got his brother killed. At least he’ll finally gets that super hot zombie girl partner, that is to say, if he can prove he’s man enough to earn her respect/not-disgust. There’s also a bad guy with balloon powers. He’s not important, I just wanted to point that out.

Pros: The second part of Corpse Princess alleviated almost every problem that I had with the first part. It focused more on the inner workings of the Kougun Sect, the secret Buddhist cult that makes the Corpse Princesses. It also builds the relationship between Ouri and Corpse Princess Makina into a believable one by using the memory of Kensei (Ouri’s brother and Makin’s former partner) as the major obstacle but ultimate bridge between them. Kensei’s death keeps the duo apart for half the season, largely because of Makina’s loyalty/love for Kensei.  This was the one time that the show’s use of slow plot progression was actually beneficial to the whole story overall. This second part also had better villains and an overall better story arc, which delved into the true nature of Corpse Princesses and Ouri’s personal history. I wish the whole series had been more Kuro and less Aka.

Cons: As stated above, I really wish the the first season of Corpse Princess had been condensed into six episodes, and that the remaining episodes had been used to explore Ouri’s time as a monk. Parts of Aka felt so slow in constrast to Kuro, which seems to go too fast. While Kurodid a good job at maturing Ouri and forging a bond between him and Makina, we’re only getting a look at the beginning of their relationship. It would have been better if more time was spend exploring their paring in contrast to other priests/corpse princesses instead of focusing so much time on the pre-Kensei death timeline. As it stands, the whole series is left with pacing issues and a somewhat stunted ending.

Watch it?: Better than the first part. (3/5)

MVP: Toya


Balloons. No really, balloons.

Best Episode: Ep.9 “The Value of the Living” (zombie cat suit)

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Corpse Princess: Aka

Type: Submachine Gun Zombie


Synopsis: The dead are walking among us in the form of cute girls with the shortest skirts imaginable. It was either that, or returns are crazy ghosts who like to kill people. These “Corpse Princesses” all work for a secret Buddhist cult, and one of the members happens to have a brother named Ouri. He’s our super uncool protagonist, as shown by the fact that he does not have a super pretty zombie girl that can fight his battles for him.

Pros: I’m a sucker for ghost stories, and the early part of the season was basically a “case of the week” style show, with lead Corpse Princess Makina gunning down different ghosts/zombies called “Corpses.” Her constantly pissed off demeanor was a somewhat refreshing change of pace. All the corpses where grotesque and disturbing, exactly what we’ve all come to expect from a Japanese horror show. As the show progresses, more attention is shifted to the actual Corpse Princesses themselves, which was also very interesting. A few of them turn out to be pretty tragic figures, so your left wondering how and why each individual Corpse Princess became the way the are.

Cons: While the corpse fighting was cool, and the Corpse Princesses where intriguing, the actual plot was very underwhelming. Nothing really enticing. Most of this season was just an introduction of the main concepts of the series, proven by the fact that the last episode was a 20-minute recap of every event and concept so far. It should also be pointed out that while the Corpse Princesses where interesting, their Monk partners were not, even Keisei. The inner working of the Buddhist cult seems like something that will be explored later on. The animation also seemed to fluxuate in terms of quality and style. Lastely, the protagonist Ouri often came off as too soft and naive, though this admittedly made him a good medium for the audience.

Watch it?: It’s good if your in the mood for ghost/zombie fighting (2/5)

MVP: Minai Ruo


Punching zombies is way cooler than shooting them

Best Episode: Ep. 8 “Serenity” (damn girl)

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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Type: Touched by an Angel


Synopsis: Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow

Pros: It’s like Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and Japan had a five week orgy whose essence became sentient after getting really, really drunk.

Cons: It’s crude, extremely sexual, and covered in poop jokes. No wait, I’m suppose to be doing negatives right now. In all honesty, if I didn’t know for a fact that this was made in Japan, I would be calling this the most American Anime I’ve ever seen. The animation looks Western, the humor is most definitely western, and I’m pretty sure it’s set somewhere in the good ol’ USA. I found this extremely refreshing, but anyone looking for a “traditional” anime will be disappointed, and possibly offended.

Watch it!?: I’m mad at myself for not watching it sooner. (5/5)

MVP: Panty


Bitchy Angel, Hell Yeah!

Best Episode: You should really just watch all of them (They’re each special in their own way)

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Type: Red vs Blue (vs White)


Synopsis: This show is about a high school boy named Natsuru who wake up one morning and finds out he’s become a high school girl with a tremendous chest. He also finds out that he’s now a “Kampfer,” or a new member in a battle to the death and can shoot fire. He fights other girls in the same situation, and they become friends, and they sometimes make out with each other. Total girl on girl action. But then you remember that girl Natsuru is a boy, and you feel kinda weird about it. Then you try to justify your feeling to yourself. Then you end up seriously reflection on these strange emotions you’ve always hide from yourself and….wait, what where we talking about?

Pros: I really ended up liking this anime. It’s funny, it’s sexy, and it’s a lot more clever than I expected it to be. The first half of the show has a serious superhero quality to it. Natsuru ends up getting into a love triangle with the girl he likes, his female alter ego, and his male self. Classic comic book stuff.  It was very fun watching Natsuru try to deal with having to turn into a girl at random times. He also develops an interesting relationship with Akane, another “Kampfer,” who become his closest confidant. Even when other girls where added, Akane and her bad ass alter ego stood out. I could easily imagine Natsuru falling for her or Shizuku. Halfway through, the anime turns into a harem show, which just adds more layers of fan service based humor. This show knows how to titillate properly. I really, really, really hope that this gets a second season down the line.

Cons: For a show about a mysterious battle between “Kampfers,” the actions scenes aren’t really impressive. They’re just sorta there. It’s also not explained why Kampfers are only allowed to be girls, or why Natsuru was chosen. I’m assuming that’s for future episodes (if any). The show does explain why Kampfer are battling in the first place, but this explanation is far from satisfying. The final bad guy in all this is predictable, but the way Natsuru reacts to this person is bothersome.

Watch it?: It’s almost as good as Red vs. Blue (4/5)

MVP: Akane Mishima (Kampfer)


Bang Bang

Best Episode: Ep. 8 “Sweetheart: The First Date” (don’t you hate it when people don’t know if it’s a date or not?)

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Black Lagoon

Type: Imagine if Cowboy Bebop and Quentin Tarantino had a baby…who was Awesome.


Synopsis: Tell me if you heard this one before. A Japanese salary man is kidnapped by three American pirates off the coast of South East Asia. The Japanese man decides to join them, and starts running jobs for them in a criminal city run by the Chinese, Italian, and Russian mafia. He then almost dies a few times due to run-ins with a crazy helicopter, Neo-Nazis, a maid, twin psychopaths, an army of assassins, and a yakuza with a samurai sword. Pretty Funny, huh?

Pros: Black Lagoon is a seriously well made show. It feels like a Hollywood action flick, but it also feels like an anime. The action scenes are high on adrenaline, the dramatic scenes are heart wrenching, the the funny scenes are gutbusters. The thing about Black Lagoon is that it never stops being fun. It’s a testament to its quality that it manages to incorporate extremely bleak real world issues without taking away from its humor or thrills. Show’s like Black Lagoon show why Anime is King.

Cons: First and foremost, Black Lagoon is a solid M for Mature show. The imagery and themes are not suitable for children (or some adults). Its also an action show, so you will have to pay attention to the plot, unless you wanna get lost. One nitpicky thing that turned out to be pretty funny is the issue of language. The show has an international cast, but you don’t realize how international until the the Japan Arc at the end, because it turns out none of the cast except the protagonist speak Japanese (making you realize they’ve probably been speaking English this whole time!).

Watch it?: F@#$ Yeah! (5/5)

MVP: Revy



Best Episode: Ep.7 “Calm Down, Two Men” (p.s. Watch the Omakes!)

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