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Elfen Lied

Type: Oh, geez anime!


Synopsis: With the gore, and the nudity, and the child nudity, and the people with the horns and crazy invisible hand things, yeesh!

Pros: So yeah…I watched Elfen Lied, an anime with one of the most well known reputations for being disturbing. Its, ah, an honest assessment. The anime is about a mutant species that can kill people semi-telepathically. One of the most dangerous ones, Lucy, escapes and makes it back to her childhood friend. So one half of the show is about an evil corporation trying to kill Lucy with other mutants, or Diclonious, and the other half is about Lucy living an innocent life with her friends. Now, this thing is Violent. Gore fans will probably get a kick out of it. Its not as over the top as Blood C, or even Gatz, but its high up there. That’s kind of its selling point.

Cons: Let’s be real here. If you’re ganna watch Elfen Lied, its for the ultraviolence, not the story. The plot is not impressive in the least. We get it, humans are the real monsters. It also never explains where exactly diclonios originated from, or why they all look alike. This Dark Anime Drama covers such uplifting and totally predictable topics like: child molestation, torture, psychological trauma, dual personality, schizophrenia, child murder, and lots of nudity etc. Nothing innovative, nothing great. Its icky, but also kinda superficial. Part of this is because the anime still adheres to other anime troupes, and they mainly all happen in the Kohta household. Like when psycho killer Lucy, under a second identity, messages someones breasts from behind. What is this, a harem!? (p.s. Elfen Lied is kinda a harem). These moments fell really inconsistent with the rest of the show. I get it, these scenes are trying to juxtapose the cruelty of Lucy’s world with something more innocent, but the should could have been more subtle. Then again, a show where a little girl is amazed by giraffes one minute, then kills an entire family the next, probably doesn’t do subtlety.

Watch it!?: Eh, I’ve seen worse. God, I wish I hadn’t seen worse. (3/5)

MVP: Lucy


That first scene is still pretty good.

Best Episode: Ep. 08 “The Beginning ~ Beginn” (Those kids deserved to die, right? I’m not the only one who thinks that?”)


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Ninja Scroll

Type: The One You Were Too Young To Rent, But Saw Anyway


Synopsis: So back in the 90’s, anime was still a relatively new thing in the States. With things like Speed Racer and Gundam being the only comparisons, many adults often made the mistake that “anime=for children.” So image your surprise when you walk into your local video store, your parents rent something called Ninja Scroll from the animation section, only to get home and watch a Japanese lord have sex with his concubine while a Kunoichi reports that all his ninja were slaughtered. Kids, be grateful you have the internet now.

Pros: From what I can gather, Ninja Scroll is one of the most famous anime movies in the west. In the same vain as Akira and Eva, its popularity can partly be attributed to the fact that it was actually released and dubbed for English speaking audiences during a time when anime was scarce. Thankfully, it  does live up to the hype. The movie is about a group of ninjas trying to get their hands on some gold, with our protagonists coming along mainly to kill people. This thing is a Hard-R, full of awesomely violent fight scenes, some nudity, and one sex scene. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for a modern movie, or some cable TV shows, but keep in mind that this was made in 1993.

Cons: If you somehow saw this back in the day thanks to the ignorance of the past…good for you? This thing is super violent and has one sexual assault (not rape, but close), so be cautious. The plot if fairly simple, being mostly about greed and revenge. I got a little confused about Kagero’s story line, because it seemed that in the beginning she resented being treated as a feudal woman, but in the end she falls in love with Jubei because, in her words, he treated her like a woman. Maybe she meant as an “equal” and it got lost in translation.

Watch it?: It’d give it a go

MVP: Jubei Kibagami


Loosely based on an actual guy

Best Moment: The Last Fight (fire everywhere!)

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Type: It’s all a big scam!


Synopsis: So this is one of those shows were the twist makes it a lot more interesting in hindsight. Saya, a half-demon (I think, they don’t really make it clear), is captured an put in a slice-of-life Truman Show that happens to have man-eating demons. So Soya and the audience is tricked into thinking she’s just a normal small town girl who kills demons at night, until halfway through the show, when shit goes crazy!

Pros: Right off the bat, the fight scenes are the strongest aspect of the show. Go look these up if you can. Saya is a bad-ass, and the demons she fought were pretty cool. In addition, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really liked Saya’s school uniform. I normally don’t notice clothes designs, but the red and black really stood out. On that note, I also liked the contrast between the shojo-like character designs (pale skins, long limbs, stylish hair) and the show’s bloody core. It worked nicely with the plot of the show.

Cons: If you’re not a fan of gore, then you are not a fan of this. It’s called “Blood-C” for a reason. Even my censored version viewing was a bit much. The early episodes of Blood-C are kinda slow, because the first half is dedicated to showing Saya’s school life, and the second to her monster of the week. It’s not until episode 6, when her friends start getting attacked, that that show really gets into high gear. It has a slow manga-esque beginning, which doesn’t really work for an anime with only twelve episodes. As stated above, this is the kind of show that get way more fun to watch if you know the big twist before hand, because you can see how exactly Saya is being tricked. I feel that the show would have been elevated if the events of the entire series had been condensed into eight episodes, with the rest dedicated to the aftermath instead of separating that part into a movie. I really would have liked to spend more time with the “real” Saya.  Also, there’s a talking dog in this and I’m still unclear as to why.

Watch it?: It’s a mess, but its a mess with potential (4/5)

MVP: The Character Design


These people look way too cool for this type of show

Best Episode: Ep.11 “Whom Then are There Now” (The cake is a lie!)

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Psycho Pass

Type: Crime Thriller


Synopsis: In the future, society (or possibly just Japan) is regulated by the “Sybill System,” which determines who is mentally fit to remain in society. But if you’re likely to commit a crime, can think like a criminal, or even had a bad day and thought about burning your boss alive, you are screwed. It also turns out that some people can totally bypass the Sybill System and commit crimes while seemingly having a low Crime Coefficient. We call these people corporate executives sociopaths. That’s were rookie detective Akane and her group of criminally minded Enforcers come in.

Pros: This anime is a pretty straight forward sci-fi crime thriller. Sorta like Blade Runner (0r Equailibrium if you’re really nerdy), but not as subtle. What starts as a crime story soon evolves into a larger issue involving the age old topic of peace vs. free will. On the “peace” side you have Akane, a new detective whose thrown into the morally grey world of police work. She is accompanied by “Enforcers,” people who have been deemed potential criminals and work alongside the police to prevent real cops from having to think like criminals. This is an obvious flaw in the Sybill System right off, and from here the show builds an even larger story. Through the Enforcer’s work and the cases they tackle, we see how messed up society still is, even with the Sybill System. If I had more time, I’d probably mention the themes of technology, surveillance, repression, and the like. This is a show that’s not really afraid to go there, in terms of depictions and story events, and I appreciated that.

Cons: This show is pretty violent. But it’s not the normal cinematic violence, or even the over the top and gruesome anime violence. Pyscho Pass employs more of a casual, matter-of-fact violence that is quite disturbing. I myself had to look a way a few times. I’d also have to say that most of the supporting characters were underwritten, with most of the effort going towards portraying the antagonists of the show. Don’t get me wrong, they were fascinating antagonists, but I wound up not caring that much about any of the enforcers except Kogami and Tomomi. The ending was also bitter sweet, implying that nothing was really resolved in the end. That’s not a bad thing in terms of storytelling, but it is a bummer. (P.S. Akane is Criminally Asymtomatic, right? I mean, that’s pretty much implied here? Can we talk, or can we talk?)

Watch it?: A great anime thriller (5/5)

MVP: Tomomi Masaoka


I’m a fan of old gum shoes.

Best Episode: Ep. 15 “The Town Where Sulfur Falls” (this really bothered me, so it must be good)

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Attack on Titan

Type: I Kill Giants, the Anime


Synopsis: Humanity is on the brink of extinction. Hundreds of years ago, giant humanoid creatures called Titans appeared out of no where and nearly eviscerated the human species. Humanity managed to enjoy 100 years of peace by building a multi-walled city for protection.  Everything ended, however, when a gigantic Titan and armored Titan breached the walls, forcing humanity to once again fight for their survival against the Titan menace. Three youths that witnessed the attack, Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert, are the focus of the series.

Pros: In a lot of way, Attack of Titan shouldn’t have been as popular as it became in 2013. On the surface, its just an action drama about fighting giant monsters. But the thing is, its a really well made action drama about fighting giant monsters. The show really sells the Titans as incredibly dangerous, making you appreciate the fact that fighting giant things is not as easy as it appears when all you have are cannons and glorified grappling guns. It kinda reminded me of a Mecha anime without Mecha. The mental affect of being in constant fear is one of the strongest elements used in the show. The show also does amazing high-flying action scenes that would put Spider-Man to shame. While not the most unique anime, it is nevertheless of very high quality. I cannot wait for the second season.

Cons: O.k., this is going to sound nitpicky, but the thick outlines used for each character really bugged me. I mean, you get used to them, but the fact that I noticed them right away was bothersome. I also found Eren Yeager a mixed bag. His “last angry man” shitck made sense in context, except that flashbacks to his childhood establish that he’s always been angry. I just felt that this made him too one-dimensional. (P.S. This isn’t a negative, but who else thinks that the Titans are probably artificial creations?)

Watch it: It’s 2013’s Anime Darling (5/5)

MVP: Mikasa Ackerman


She is all kinds of Bad-Ass

Best Episode: Ep 5-13 “Battle for Trost District” (humanity’s first victory)

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High School of the Dead

Type: Anime Grindhouse

Synopsis: Oh man! Oh man! There’s all these zombies everywhere! Everyone’s shooting and killing each others! Its all bloody and gross! And all the girls have big boobs! It was sooo cool!

Pros: So. many. Zombies. This is a zombie story done through the anime style. There’s no superpowers, no sunny optimism, and no happy endings. Like all great zombie stories, this is about a group of people trying to survive as humanity is literally and metaphorically dying around them. They have to get from point A to point B without losing themselves to sorrow and despair. But its also a zombie story done through the grindhouse style. This means lots of violence and lots of sex, which are delivered superbly via the anime style of animation. If you like guys like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, then you’ll love this anime.

Cons: There’s not really anything wrong with it. The violent and sexual imagery make is unsuitable for younger viewers. If you’re offended by sexploitation, then this one isn’t for you. It ends rather abruptly. On a personal note, I disliked the character Rei Miyamoto (too high maintanence). And its still an anime, with some anime troupes (ex: the girls with big boobs), so anyone looking for a strictly  traditional western zombie story may be turned off.

Watch it?: Yes. Anime Grindhouse. (5/5)

MVP: Kohta Hirano & The Opening


First One for his sheer insanity, the Second for its sheer awesomeness

Best Episode?: Ep. 9 “The Sword and Dead”  (so sexy, yet so deadly)

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