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Guilty Crown

Type: Lost Christmas


Synopsis: In this timeless holiday tale, Japan has all but become a colonized state due to an outbreak of a deadly virus on December 25th, 2029. Skip 10 years later, where this kid named Ouma Shu is caught up in this firefight between the terrorist group/early 2000’s garage band “Funeral Parlor.” The battle results in Shu getting awesome heart based powers (suck it Planeteers). Shu’s then tricked into joining the group with promises of smooches from pink haired girl Inori by the leader Gai. Then a bunch of stuff happens, Shu kills his incestous sister, he becomes “King” of his school (but not in the fun way), and everyone does a bunch of crystal. God Bless Us Everyone!

Pros:  This anime is beautiful. The animation was top quality, and the cinematography was awesome. And the music! I usually don’t notice these kinds of things, but whoever composed and directed the music deserves a raise. The actions was pretty cool too, especially the personality-based void weapons, and I always looked forward to a new one beings introduced. Story wise, the show can be split into two. The first 12 episodes were a mecha-like anime, right down to the outlaw group, quiet girl, and emotionally immature protagonist. The next 10 episodes were more of a political thriller, only with high school kids. You really get invested in the characters, especially in Shu. I won’t spoil anything, but lets just say, someone sorta becomes a prostitute. Plus, it has the one of the better wheel chair bound characters, possibly in all media.

Cons:  Firs off, screw Gai. That guy’s manipulation of Shu really bugged me, so much so, that it was hard for me to ever trust anything he said. Though, given that we’re supposed to sympathize with Shu’s point of view, this was probably intentional. I also thought that Shu’s and Inori’s relationship was never earned, especially when it was suggested early on that it was all a fabrication by Gai. Once again, screw Gai. The show’s main problem was that it was too short, so some story beats were glossed over. People go from friends to enemies and back again a bit too quickly. I also still have a few question: Like how did Inori meet Gai? How exactly did Shu’s sister turn evil? What was the deal with the serial killer and Daath kid? Why should I give a crap about anyone in the Undertakers? and is Inori just a famous pop singer on the side? I wish Guilty Crown would have have gotten at least another season worth of episodes. Other than that, some of the finer details of the plot are a bit convoluted, and on a rare occasion, the show gets too Nationalistic (though as an American, I’m not one to talk).

Watch it?: Best Christmas story since Rudolph. (4/5)

MVP: Ayase Shinomiya


I wish we had gotten more of her

Best Episode: Ep. 15 “Confession:Sacrifice” and Ep.16 “Kingdom: The Tyrant” (I can’t believe they did that)

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