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Type: Mobster anime Story

Synopsis: Two best friends (Harry and Brandon) live a life of leisure until their group of friends are caught in the crossfire of a mob war. With no place to go, the two friends join Millenium, the largest crime syndicate in the city. The syndicate eventually divided the two friends, climaxing in Brandon’s murder by Harry’s hand. Years later, “Bloody” Harry has become leader of Millenium, and Brandon raises from the grave to defeat him. So basically, its Clint Eastwood’s version of Goodfellas.

Pros: This show is pretty cool. It’s basically a mobster movie in anime form. Harry and Brandon’s rise to power and eventual split feels natural and fluid. Harry is more of a confidence man, the brains, so its obvious that he would have ambitions. Brandon is strong and silent, the brawn, so you buy into him becoming more loyal to the mob than to Harry. The story of these two best friends is what makes this show compelling.

Cons: As stated above, this mobster story is in anime form. So naturally, there are some crazy plot elements to it. Specifically, the advent of zombified soldiers. The real strength of the show comes from the private war between Harry and Brandon. The zombie thing is more for show (though I must admit, it makes the fight scenes cooler). I’m also not hyped about Brandon’s outfit when he returns as “Gungrave.” (mostly because I’m not sure why a Japanese mobster would come back from the dead in a cowboy suit).

Watch it?: It’ll give you a viewing experience that you can’t refuse (5/5)

MVP: Gungrave

He’s like the Man with No Name, but with a name

Best Episode:¬†Ep. 26 “Dusk of the Destroyers” (Coppoloa couldn’t have done it better)

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