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Haganai NEXT

Type: Protagonist with Selective Deftness


Synopsis: After a group of lonely people gradually gravitated towards one another to form a “friends club,” they noticed that this was an anime and there was only one boy in the group. So they pretend to play erotic games and film independent student films, while each girl secretly falls in love with their male member. Of course, its only secret because the dude doesn’t want to risk breaking up his group of friends. No one wants to be Yoko.

Pros: Man, I really missed this show. It’s just so damn funny. Once again, Rika gets the best dirty lines, but the rest of the cast still contributes the occasional “bitch” and “fuck” here and there. The show has progressed from the introductory first season, so a slow burn story arc is introduced, involving Sena, and funny enough, Rika. The group dynamic is still the strongest point of the series, as are the hilarious situations they get into (ex: BL Gaming). Part of this is because each character has more depth than your typical harem cast. This stems from the fact the the characters joined the “Good Neighbor Club” to make friends, not because they all fell in love with a random boy. The does happen, because anime, but it felt a lot less forced than in other shows. I could actually imagine any one of the girls ending up with Kodaka.

Cons: Maybe it’s because I haven’t watched the first season in a while, but did they ramp up the fan service or what!? I also feel that Yozora was a bit underwritten this time around. Throughout the season, she is clearly in love with Kodaka, but can’t express it, making her very jealous and angry when he get female attention. This is her only storyline throughout the season. It makes it easy to forget that she was the one that started the club in the first place. The characters of Kobato and Maria are still pretty annoying as well. There was also a slight twist involving Yukimura that irked me a first, but didn’t really change much overall. The season ends of a cliff hanger, and I really, really, really hope the show gets another season to tie up loose ends.

Watch it?: Dude, I still think you have to (4/5)

MVP: Rika Shiguma


A perv, but hey, still has a heart of gold.

Best Episode: Ep. 2 “Homo Game Club” (exactly what it sounds like)

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