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Heaven’s Lost Property the Movie: The Angeloid of Clockwork

Type: 1 hour of original footage


Synopsis: One day a poor girl named Hiyori secretly declares that she likes local pervert Tomoki Sakurai…then a busty angel/robot falls on top of him. She begins to stalk him from afar, afraid that this boob crazy maniac won’t like her or her big boobs. She does manage to start hanging out with him, even starting this strangely convenient relationship with Tomoki. Then she dies.

Pros: I didn’t know how much I missed Heaven’s Lost Property until I saw this film. It actually made me skim through the last parts of the manga. Most of the shows gags are still in place. Tomoki is a perv, people hit him for it, etc. The emotional core of the film was Hiyori, a hard working and earnest girl that has a crush on Tomoki. While not an original concept, you do feel sympathy for Hiyori, if for anything, developing feelings for a guy who once made panties fly in the sky.

Cons: This isn’t really a “movie” in the truest sense of the word. The first forty percent of the film is a recap of the show, with a few scenes put in from Hiyori’s point of view. This is Hiyori’s movie, so don’t expect to see a lot from Ikaros of the other angeloids. The rest is more like an hour long TV special, or OVA. The animation is also about the same as some of the better looking episodes of Heaven’s Lost Property. As I said, don’t go expecting to see an actual “movie-movie.”

What it!?: Skip the first third, then enjoy the rest

MVP: Hiyori Kazane


A girl who likes plants

Best Moment: Tomoki’s purity challenge (so dumb, I love it)

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Heaven’s Lost Property (Season 1 and 2)

Type: Angel-robot things fall to earth and shack up at a dude’s house

Synopsis: One day a pervy guy named Tomoki openly declares that he wants nothing more from life than peace and quiet…then a busty angel/robot falls on top of him. After a quicky “careful what you wish for” experience, Tomoki is forced to provide this trouble magnet room and board. The angel/robot boob girl soon attracts other angels/robots, forever ruining Tomoki’s afternoon plans of peeping from the bushes while the girl next door undresses.

Pros: I really like the cast. Tomoki is a harem protagonist, but his unapologetic (almost prideful) pervyness makes him one of the funniest male leads I’ve ever come across. The robot/angel girl’s, Ikaros’s, naivete and love of watermelons were very endearing and funny. Then their’s Sohara, Tomoki’s neighbor who keeps him line with super powerful karate chops. Last but not least are Eishiro and Mikako, both very smart and level headed (but not without their own quirks).The show’s also very funny, like almost to surprising levels (fan service jokes, crazy new girl at school jokes, naivete jokes, evil mastermind jokes, etc). But it can also elicit emotion when it brings up the plight of the angel/robots (angeloids). So, all in all, and enjoyable anime revolving around naive robotic girls and humans (now was that so hard?).

Cons: The anime kinda lacks resolution. The premise describes Ikaros as an “angeloid,” a robot created by angels. The angeloids are continually abused by the “Master of Synapse” (basically the head angel). The show does a really good job at making you hate the “Master” (I felt my fist clenching more than once), but he never gets his comuppens (Now, to be fair, the manga that the anime is based on is still going). But outside of that, I got nothing against it. It balances humor, action, and melodrama avidly. Kudos.

Watch it?: Hell Yeah! (4/5)

MVP: Ikaros

Who can hate someone who loves watermelon so much?

Best Episode: S2, Ep. 10 “Peek Into the Fantasy Field” (A real man never apologizes for his pervert nature!)

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