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Inumaki! The Movie

Type: 30 minutes


Synopsis: So its been a while, but from what I can remember, this pervert wanted a harem like his cousin, so he made a deal with a fox spirit. The spirit tricked him into being her servant instead. Blah, blah, blah, we skip to a half-hour “movie” where perverts are being rounded up. That’s honestly about it.

Pros: It’s only half and hour. It’s more of an ova than movie. There’s this one scene where all the girls strip down to their underwear. Everyone seems a lot cooler with one another, and at the end two naked men hug on a bridge.

Cons: A movie isn’t thirty minutes. TV really has to understand that “movies” should be at least 80 minutes or higher. Here’s the story: Karina is dead. Keita thinks its something bigger. All the perverts are being rounded up. A giant robot appears. Karina come back from the dead. The end. It’s still Inukami, and Inukami is Inukami. 

Watch it?: Maybe. I mean, yeah?

MVP: Karina-san


Him being dead was delightful

Best Moment: Naked Karina and Keita hugging (friendship is a beautiful thing)

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