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Kamisama Dolls

Type: Giant singing dolls


Synopsis: There’s this village in the middle on nowhere that have “Seki,” people that are trained to control wooden battle dolls for some reason. Kyohei, our protagonist, left the village because obviously a rural town built around things called “God Dolls” is kinda ridiculous. Anyway, Kyohei’s past comes to haunt him when his psycho-killer best friend Aki follows him to Tokyo. On the plus side, all the crazy god dolls fighting seems to have scored Kyohei some points with the girl with the ridiculously ginormous mammary glands.

Pros: One of the best selling points Kamisa Dolls has is the relationship between Kyohei and Aki. The plot device of friends turned enemies is old, but consistent. The show’s at its best when Kyohei and Aki are in the same scene together. Another interesting facet was the dynamics of Kyohei’s village. Why are God Dolls so important? Whats the deal between Kyohei’s and Aki’s family? Why was Kyohei’s twin siblings separated at birth? These are questions I’m still curious about. I also really liked the fact that the God Dolls each had their own distinct melody that they emitted. It was a nice touch that gave the dolls a more ethereal quality. The show also manages to incorporate humor rather effectively. Overall, I was very intrigued by the anime, and hope they make more seasons.

Cons: My main gripe with the anime is Kyohei and Aki’s backstory. Now, their are two backstories that the show uses. The first, or main backstory, is that Kyohei and Aki found an ancient God Doll that corrupted minds and almost killed them. Alone, this would have been enough. It would have explained why Aki turned evil, why Kyohei left the village, and why his twin siblings are being pushed so hard. Sadly however, the show also incorporated an additional backstory involving the old “two friends love the same girl, then she dies” device. This aspect of Kyohei and Aki’s history felt superfluous, not to mention kinda creepy, considering that the girl in question was their school teacher.

Watch it?: A very enjoyable and entertaining show (3/5)

MVP: Kukuri


Dig that god melody

Best Episode:¬†Ep.10 “The Princess Arrives” (childhood sure is a dangerous time)

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