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Type: Fox girl loves little boys

Synopsis: This fox girl named Chizuru keeps sexually harassing this high school boy named Kouta. Then this wolf girl named Tayura enters the mix. Fox girl spends most of her time trying to get Kouta to jump her bones. Theres also some nonsense involving fox girl’s brother, but rest assured, most of the story involves Fox girl doing her best to sex Kouta up.

Pros: Pervy jokes made funnier by Kouta’s resistance. He tries so hard to be a conservative, but fails, because, well, come on! Its hard for any dude to resists a big boobed girl who is literally trying to get into your pants over and over again. Lots of fan service laughs. Then there’s the wolf girl. Tamoya has a dry humor that plays well against Chizuru’s (fox girl) more flirty nature. Each episode usually revolves around Chizuru trying to increase Kouta’s love for her in some way. It all works out in the end, which is kind off nice.

Cons: Kouta. Well, not his character, just his appearance. Guy looks six years old. I guess that’s supposed to fulfill his whole “loser guy” requirement for anime standards, but it just makes his interactions with Chizuru kinda creepy to watch. There’s also the subplot with Chizuru’s brother. He’s mainly there to cause conflict, but his threats are never that serious. He only shows up to make us remember that the the plot of the show has is whether or not demons and humans can have a relationship (real original). The main strength comes from Chizuru, Tayoma, and Kouta (thought, to be honest, Tayoma is more of a supporting character). Other than that, each episode is strong, but a little cliche at some points. Good, not great.

Watch it?:….if you want. But try not to perv out too much. (3/5)

MVP: Chizuru Minamoto

She know what she want. A person can respect that.

Best Episode: Ep.12 “Can We Finally Do It?” (and they lived happily ever after)

Video Summary: Here

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