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Majikoi – Oh! Samurai Girls

Type: Amorous Female Warriors


Synopsis: Yamato Naoe belong to a school full of would-be samurai lords and warriors. He is extremely popular, with four really hot girls trying to win his hear. Sadly, his heart only belongs to Momoyo, the strongest and prettiest girl at the school who has rejected him twice. Then a bunch of stuff happened involving terrorist or revolutionaries, or something. I manly just remember the fan service.

Pros: For a 13 episode Action-Comedy show, Majokoi had some very impressive fighting scenes. But the show really shined in the comedy department. The show almost made making dirty jokes and delivering fan service an art form. Having the pervy Miyako open every episode was a masterstroke. It also implemented the use of half-segments, dedicating half an episode to Yamato’s relationship with a specific girl. It’s an effective way to showcase the cast dynamics in a harem-type show with only 13 episodes. I wish more harems would adopt this method.

Cons: ¬†Half the episodes are pure sexy/funny harem episodes. The other half are pure actions episodes. The show doesn’t do a good job at mixing both genres. It’s disjointed. ¬†Most harems try to focus all the plot in the first season, and then go crazy with the comedy in the second, but this show tried to do it all in one season. I wish it had just stuck to one genre, preferably comedy. There were also a bunch of secondary characters that I just did not care about. Most of these characters where part of the action episodes. The main plot was also weak, and involved a lot more Japanese social and political criticism than I would have liked.

Watch it: Only watch the comedy episodes (ep. 3, 4, 5, 6, and 11) (3/5)

MVP: Miyako Shiina


Down girl.

Best Episode: Ep.6 “Seriously, Carry it With Me!!” (the mushroom scene!)

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