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Maoyu Mao Yusha

Type: Or simply MAOYU


Synopsis: A Hero and a Demon King have a destined fight meant to bring an end to the ancient world between Humans and Demons. But the Demon King turns out to have really big boobs, like ridiculously big, so the fight is called off. The Demon King (Queen?) and the 15 year old Hero (I’m not kidding) set out to create world peace. They do so, and by “they” I mean the Demon King-Queen, by inventing: crop-rotation, the potato, dry compasses, corn, the printing press, paper, vaccinations, water pumps, and, I shit you not, orange soda.

Pros: First off, love the painted backgrounds. The whole series looked like it was out of a medieval painting. An excellent way to set the mood. This show series was set up like a storybook, with all the characters being called by their title, not their name. I liked the implied idea that the story between the Hero and Demon King was cyclical. The major themes of the show was politics, power, and economics, and how they are manipulated. In the show, the “bad guys” used the war with the demons as a scapegoat for politics, ensuring their power, which in turn protected their pocketbook. I loved that the Demon King sought to end this not with a show of force, but with technological progress. It was a rather insightful solution. Every one of her “inventions” were all real life historical milestone, making you realize how something as simple as corn has changed the world.

Cons: Since its that kind of Medieval Anime, the show is very thick. You might wind up missing a few details. It’s also open ended, though a second season would not be surprising. The Hero was also slightly underused. I kinda would have liked to see his first encounters with all the demon princess instead of just hearing about them. Aside from that, there was nothing really wrong with the show. The only thing that really bugged me personally was the Head Maid. Specifically, I hated the way she insulted two runaway serfs, Feudalism’s glorified slaves, for allowing themselves to be serfs. It was basically the equivalent of saying “It’s your fault your poor because you decided to be born poor.” I know that the show was really trying to say that every human should think and act independently, but the root of the idea was introduced in a very misguided way.

Watch it?: A pretty instructive Medieval Anime (4/5)

MVP: Demon King


She’s basically Benjamin Franklin.

Best Episode: Ep. 9 “I am human.” (pretty inspiring if you forget the origins)

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