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Medaka Box

Type: Miss Superman Student President


Synopsis: Supergirl Medaka Kurokami assembles a group of highly skilled individuals, a league you might say, to help others in times of need. This society is made up first by Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, a man with no special abilities but a keen mind. Second is Kouki Akune, the beautiful but deadly secretary. And Third is Mogana Kikaijima, who can swim really, really good. They make up the Justice….I mean the Student Council.

Pros: To be honest, it took a while to warm up to this show. It starts off as your regular love comedy, then morphs into a club show, and ends as an action series. Things don’t really hit their stride until episode 7, when the entire student council has been assembles. The show is at it’s strongest when it’s entire cast are able to play off each other. Luckily, the show employs half segments, so no episode felt dragged out. I really liked what I saw at the end with the Disciplinary Committee, as the show did a really good job at raising the stakes and making everything seem dramatic. I’m looking forward to the second season.

Cons: As I stated above, the show has a lukewarm start. About 2/3rds of the episodes are spend assembling the student council and exploring there backstory. Everything up to episode 8 is essentially this, or members of the student council helping out other students. I would have actually been o.k. with the entire series being a “case of the week” type of show, I just wish that the entire cast had been introduced earlier. The show transforms into an action program towards the end, which I liked, but it did feel out of place compared to the comedic tone of the previous episodes. My biggest problem was actually with the protagonist Medaka. She was like Superman, but not as endearing. Too strong, too smart, and gave off an aura of condescension. She straight up goes super saiyan at one point. Plus, her boobs were huge! Like defying gravity huge!

Watch it!?: Sure, but feel free to fast forward early on. (3/5)

MVP: Medaka Kurokami, War God Mode


Her power level is over 9000!

Best Episode: Ep. 11 “This Is The End!!” (this is how Man of Steel Should have Ended)

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