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Type: The kind that hurts so good


Synopsis: In a world were lewdness is punished with physical pain, one man is cursed with the ability to transform pain into pleasure. Sicked by his extreme masochism, he looks towards the 2nd Volunteer Club for help. Their solution? Have a bunch of pretty girls overexpose him to verbal and physical abuse while also falling in love with him. And so his nightmare continues.

Pros: This show had unusually strong individual shows. Their’s the one where the main character has amnesia and becomes disgusted with his previous self, the one where a cute girls tried to change the world into one full of perverts, the one where they play house, the one where they hold a contest on who can be the most sadistic, etc. The show should also be given props for making a show staring a sexually aroused masochist so enjoyable.

Cons: In two episodes early on, the show gets “real” on you. It happened organically enough, but it contrasts with every other episode, which are 85% comedic and 15% melodramatic (the average ratio for love comedies). Their’s also one episode the verges on being in bad taste, involving a scene where they group tries to “cure” the protagonist of his sudden homosexuality.

Watch it?: The good outweighs the bad, so yeah (4/5)

MVP: Taro Sado


Super Hella Pervert!

Best Episode:¬†Ep.11 The Lost Memory (image you wake one day…and got everyone pregnant)

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