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Type: It’s all a big scam!


Synopsis: So this is one of those shows were the twist makes it a lot more interesting in hindsight. Saya, a half-demon (I think, they don’t really make it clear), is captured an put in a slice-of-life Truman Show that happens to have man-eating demons. So Soya and the audience is tricked into thinking she’s just a normal small town girl who kills demons at night, until halfway through the show, when shit goes crazy!

Pros: Right off the bat, the fight scenes are the strongest aspect of the show. Go look these up if you can. Saya is a bad-ass, and the demons she fought were pretty cool. In addition, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really liked Saya’s school uniform. I normally don’t notice clothes designs, but the red and black really stood out. On that note, I also liked the contrast between the shojo-like character designs (pale skins, long limbs, stylish hair) and the show’s bloody core. It worked nicely with the plot of the show.

Cons: If you’re not a fan of gore, then you are not a fan of this. It’s called “Blood-C” for a reason. Even my censored version viewing was a bit much. The early episodes of Blood-C are kinda slow, because the first half is dedicated to showing Saya’s school life, and the second to her monster of the week. It’s not until episode 6, when her friends start getting attacked, that that show really gets into high gear. It has a slow manga-esque beginning, which doesn’t really work for an anime with only twelve episodes. As stated above, this is the kind of show that get way more fun to watch if you know the big twist before hand, because you can see how exactly Saya is being tricked. I feel that the show would have been elevated if the events of the entire series had been condensed into eight episodes, with the rest dedicated to the aftermath instead of separating that part into a movie. I really would have liked to spend more time with the “real” Saya.  Also, there’s a talking dog in this and I’m still unclear as to why.

Watch it?: It’s a mess, but its a mess with potential (4/5)

MVP: The Character Design


These people look way too cool for this type of show

Best Episode: Ep.11 “Whom Then are There Now” (The cake is a lie!)

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Qwaser of Stigmata

Type: It’s Basically Porno


Synopsis: So…much…boob sucking….

Pros: There’s a solid action series here. Don’t give me that look, there really is! The whole story is about semi-religious organizations fighting for holy relics using elemental powers based on the Periodic Table. I love that stuff. Iron, Mercury, Gold, I think Helium makes an appearance. And I will admit that some of jokes are pretty funny. Breast Puppet Theater has some serious potential.

Cons: This is so sexual. It’s fucking too much. It is so offensive towards women, it makes Larry Flint look like Gloria Steinem. This show literally has weaponized breast feeding. That’s a thing. That’s a thing in this show that people use as a power up. Something that characters violently crave. That’s not fan service, that’s straight up smut. Everything has an uncomfortable SVU undertone to it. I’ve seen a lot of anime, but this is one of the few that’s embarrassed me.

Watch it!?: I’m either incredibly objective or really generous. (2/5)

MVP: I don’t know. Boobs I guess.


There are a lot of them.

Best Episode: Ep.14 “The Melancholy of Miyuri Tsujido” (except for the ending. Goddam it Qwaser)

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Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (Season 1 & 2)

Type: I think I’m in Love


Synopsis: Let’s try to keep this simple, shall we? In the distant future, Earth has become uninhabitable except for the islands of Japan. The country has been divided between outside nations, while the native population is forced to constantly travel on the ship Musashi. In addition, in order to restore the world’s civilizations, every country has decided to reenact history. Oh, and there’s also magic, ghosts, mechas, a perv that tries to save a robot that’s being inhabited by his dead girlfriend from future pope, a ninja that fall in love with Bloody Mary who may or may not be an actual fairy, and a Spain that seems to have a baseball-based military. It’s basically amazing.

Pros: I did mention that this was amazing right? This anime is visually vibrant, it’s action packed, it’s funny as hell, and knows the right ways to utilize music cues to get you hear racing and fist pumping. Seriously, I almost always to energized after watching an episode. It’s fun from the word go. The pilot is a battle-race that does an inspired job in introducing the rather large cast. Every character has their own personality and fighting style, and you honestly can’t wait to see one of them in a fight. I was also very cool to see how different historical figures where interpreted. Shakespeare was a particularly interesting choice. The first season focuses on rescuing the titular character Horizon from the Pope and Spain, while the second season focuses on the ninja Tenzo falling in love with a very blonde and very ample Bloody Mary, plus fighting England and Spain. It’s also has a tremendous sense of humor, with one of the characters straight-up being naked for the entire second season. I truly, truly hope we see more entries in this franchise in the future.

Cons: No matter how much I enjoyed this series, I cannot overlook the quagmire that is the plot. Seriously, I double checked on Wikipedia and still  cannot for the life of me tell you what’s going on. There’s just too much thrown at you to remember. The actual politics of the world itself are what lost on me. Like, why create doomsday weapons from the emotions of a dead girl? And why is society being run by student governments? And why repeat the bad parts of history at all, because you’ll really be wanting to skip all of 1913-1945. I can’t really say this was perfect if I didn’t understand what was going on half the time. Some of the girls also have what I like to call “balloon breast” that just came off as silly (though that may have been the point).  On a personal note, I know that there’s a game based on this show, and it sucks so hard that it’s only been released in Japan.

Watch it?: The most fun I’ve had watching an anime in a while (4/5)

MVP: Tenzo Crossunite


Where can I get that hat!

Best Episode: Ep.1 “Those Lined Up Before A Horizon” (I don’t what’s happening, but I love it!)

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Corpse Princess: Kuro

Type: Finally Getting to the Point


Synopsis: The dead continue to walk among us in the shortest skirts imaginable, but you get use to it. With his older brother dead, protagonist Ouri has finally started to put on his big boy pants by joining the secret Buddhist cult that got his brother killed. At least he’ll finally gets that super hot zombie girl partner, that is to say, if he can prove he’s man enough to earn her respect/not-disgust. There’s also a bad guy with balloon powers. He’s not important, I just wanted to point that out.

Pros: The second part of Corpse Princess alleviated almost every problem that I had with the first part. It focused more on the inner workings of the Kougun Sect, the secret Buddhist cult that makes the Corpse Princesses. It also builds the relationship between Ouri and Corpse Princess Makina into a believable one by using the memory of Kensei (Ouri’s brother and Makin’s former partner) as the major obstacle but ultimate bridge between them. Kensei’s death keeps the duo apart for half the season, largely because of Makina’s loyalty/love for Kensei.  This was the one time that the show’s use of slow plot progression was actually beneficial to the whole story overall. This second part also had better villains and an overall better story arc, which delved into the true nature of Corpse Princesses and Ouri’s personal history. I wish the whole series had been more Kuro and less Aka.

Cons: As stated above, I really wish the the first season of Corpse Princess had been condensed into six episodes, and that the remaining episodes had been used to explore Ouri’s time as a monk. Parts of Aka felt so slow in constrast to Kuro, which seems to go too fast. While Kurodid a good job at maturing Ouri and forging a bond between him and Makina, we’re only getting a look at the beginning of their relationship. It would have been better if more time was spend exploring their paring in contrast to other priests/corpse princesses instead of focusing so much time on the pre-Kensei death timeline. As it stands, the whole series is left with pacing issues and a somewhat stunted ending.

Watch it?: Better than the first part. (3/5)

MVP: Toya


Balloons. No really, balloons.

Best Episode: Ep.9 “The Value of the Living” (zombie cat suit)

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Corpse Princess: Aka

Type: Submachine Gun Zombie


Synopsis: The dead are walking among us in the form of cute girls with the shortest skirts imaginable. It was either that, or returns are crazy ghosts who like to kill people. These “Corpse Princesses” all work for a secret Buddhist cult, and one of the members happens to have a brother named Ouri. He’s our super uncool protagonist, as shown by the fact that he does not have a super pretty zombie girl that can fight his battles for him.

Pros: I’m a sucker for ghost stories, and the early part of the season was basically a “case of the week” style show, with lead Corpse Princess Makina gunning down different ghosts/zombies called “Corpses.” Her constantly pissed off demeanor was a somewhat refreshing change of pace. All the corpses where grotesque and disturbing, exactly what we’ve all come to expect from a Japanese horror show. As the show progresses, more attention is shifted to the actual Corpse Princesses themselves, which was also very interesting. A few of them turn out to be pretty tragic figures, so your left wondering how and why each individual Corpse Princess became the way the are.

Cons: While the corpse fighting was cool, and the Corpse Princesses where intriguing, the actual plot was very underwhelming. Nothing really enticing. Most of this season was just an introduction of the main concepts of the series, proven by the fact that the last episode was a 20-minute recap of every event and concept so far. It should also be pointed out that while the Corpse Princesses where interesting, their Monk partners were not, even Keisei. The inner working of the Buddhist cult seems like something that will be explored later on. The animation also seemed to fluxuate in terms of quality and style. Lastely, the protagonist Ouri often came off as too soft and naive, though this admittedly made him a good medium for the audience.

Watch it?: It’s good if your in the mood for ghost/zombie fighting (2/5)

MVP: Minai Ruo


Punching zombies is way cooler than shooting them

Best Episode: Ep. 8 “Serenity” (damn girl)

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Kamisama Dolls

Type: Giant singing dolls


Synopsis: There’s this village in the middle on nowhere that have “Seki,” people that are trained to control wooden battle dolls for some reason. Kyohei, our protagonist, left the village because obviously a rural town built around things called “God Dolls” is kinda ridiculous. Anyway, Kyohei’s past comes to haunt him when his psycho-killer best friend Aki follows him to Tokyo. On the plus side, all the crazy god dolls fighting seems to have scored Kyohei some points with the girl with the ridiculously ginormous mammary glands.

Pros: One of the best selling points Kamisa Dolls has is the relationship between Kyohei and Aki. The plot device of friends turned enemies is old, but consistent. The show’s at its best when Kyohei and Aki are in the same scene together. Another interesting facet was the dynamics of Kyohei’s village. Why are God Dolls so important? Whats the deal between Kyohei’s and Aki’s family? Why was Kyohei’s twin siblings separated at birth? These are questions I’m still curious about. I also really liked the fact that the God Dolls each had their own distinct melody that they emitted. It was a nice touch that gave the dolls a more ethereal quality. The show also manages to incorporate humor rather effectively. Overall, I was very intrigued by the anime, and hope they make more seasons.

Cons: My main gripe with the anime is Kyohei and Aki’s backstory. Now, their are two backstories that the show uses. The first, or main backstory, is that Kyohei and Aki found an ancient God Doll that corrupted minds and almost killed them. Alone, this would have been enough. It would have explained why Aki turned evil, why Kyohei left the village, and why his twin siblings are being pushed so hard. Sadly however, the show also incorporated an additional backstory involving the old “two friends love the same girl, then she dies” device. This aspect of Kyohei and Aki’s history felt superfluous, not to mention kinda creepy, considering that the girl in question was their school teacher.

Watch it?: A very enjoyable and entertaining show (3/5)

MVP: Kukuri


Dig that god melody

Best Episode: Ep.10 “The Princess Arrives” (childhood sure is a dangerous time)

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Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

Type: Every type

Synopsis: Childhood friends Arumi and Sasshi are trying to get back home, but they seem to be stuck. Every time they capture a demon imp and perform the ritual to return home, they end being transported to a strange world. The only constant is a big busted girl with glasses and pink hair.

Pros: Oh man, so many things. Every episode of Abenobashi is set in a different world, each themed after a particular geek sub culture. The worlds they visit are: fantasy, sci-fi, Kun-fu, Jurassic, Noir, High School Love Comedy, Fairy tail, War, and Hollywood. The show is wildly funny and fun, but knows how to insert serious moments organically. Its an ambitious show that actually manages to pull it off magnificently.

Cons: My biggest pet peeve with the show is its lasting message. Not to spoil much, but the ending left me dissatisfied. It’s not a bad ending in terms of logic or execution, but it seems to negate any form of character growth. Its a “happy ending” within the story for all involved, but not the one I would have chosen.

Watch it?: Its a must see! (5/5)

MVP: Satoshi “Sasshi” Imamiya and Arumi Asahima

The best duo since Lucy and Ricky

Best Episode: The entire series (12 awesome episode!)

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Type: Wanna-be harem guy forced to live with a not-harem

Synopsis: A loser guy is the suckiest exorcist in his exorcist family. Once he reached adolescence, he tried to get a retainer, or demon servant. He really hoped to get a sexy demon slave girl, but was tricked by a sexy demon slave girl into becoming a not so sexy slave boy. Now he’s forced to coordinate his entire wardrobe around the magic collar around his neck.

Pros: The premise. A story about a pervy guy (Keita) whose dreams of having a harem are thwarted by the girl that likes him (Yoko) is very unique. Its also great that pervy guy’s cousin has a harem himself. Its like an anime from the perspective of a harem protagonist’s pervy friend. The show has some funny moments too (mainly concerning all things pervy). There’s also the middle arc concerning a shinigami fight. The male and female leads really get their hero moment.

Cons: Oh, so many things. Lets start with the leads Keita and Yoko. Keita is a pervy jackass who is also incredibly weak (plus I hate his collar). Yoko is a spoiled jerk. They really don’t become likable until the middle of the anime. Their fight with the Shinigami show’d just how short the show fell from its promise. Keita was all determined and clever. Yoko was all self-sacrificing and tough. They worked well together. Then it all goes away. The cousin and his harem that play opposite Keita and Yoko also felt tacted on. Way too many characters to keep track off or even care about. Plus, the fact that you know they are another dude’s harem really makes any interactions with Keita moot. I wish that the harem had been place more in the background. Almost as if a harem anime was happening while Keita and Yoko did their thing, occasionally commenting on it. More of a parody anime instead of trying to combine a harem and love comedy. An inversion of the regular formula where the non-haremcharacters are usually pushed into the shadows. Or maybe just omit the harem aspect and focus on Keita proving himself as a exorcist. His fight against the Shinigami proved that he was clever. A hero that can’t get any respect. Spider-man, but with demons. That I would have enjoyed. But as it is, it has too many elements and fails to execute any well. The ending is also extremely convoluted. It involves possible clones, viruses, time travel, immortals, destroyed city fighting, a spirit detective, and a pervert army. I mean dude, did someone just decide to add as many cliche’s as they could before the show was over!?

Watch it?: No. Don’t waste your time. (1/5)

MVP: Keita Kawahira

There’s a noble man behind that dog collar. I just know there is.

Best Episode: Ep. 13 “I Am Your Song!” (Actually doing heroic exorcist stuff with his own twist)

Video Summary: Here

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Ah My Buddha! (Season 1 & 2)

Type: Buddhist temple full of hot nuns and one pervert monk.

Synopsis: A monk named Ikko is the most powerful monk in the world, but his powers can only be activated through the power of nudity! Enter six hot girls, three of whom have really big boobs. Season One has a bunch of hijinks and nipple burgers. Season Two gets more of a story with the intro of a blond nun with big boobs. But not to worry, cause there’s still nudity galore! Hooray!

Pros: The show’s biggest strength was it’s concept. A monk whose secret powers can only be activated by getting turned on had a lot of potential. The real strong jokes come from having the girls strip (either purposely or not) in order to get out of a jam. As ecchi animes go, that’s a pretty promising premise.

Cons: The show is structurally weak. None of the stories are that memorable or funny. The show fails to live up to its ecchi potential by trying to be serious at some points, as this makes it enter the generic. The second season is especially guilty of this, as it gets darker in tone, and far more generic. It actually adopts the harem troupe of devoting an episode of two to the girls’s relationship with the protagonist, which screams cookie-cutter.

Watch it?: Nah. (2/5)

MVP: Kazuki Kazusano

Only character to show signs of true comedic genius.

Best Episode: Honestly, I cant really recommend one. (Their all forgettable)

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