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Type: Fishin’


Synopsis: Yuki Sanada is a complete spaz who goes crazy whenever he’s in a socially awkward situation. He then befriends Haru, a weirdo whose way too energetic for his own good. The two eventually wiggle their way into the life of Natsuki Usami, a complete and utter jerk who just happens to be good a fishing. Together the three, along with this 25 year old Indian secret agent, spend long weekends together on a small boat for hours at a time. They call it “fishing.”

Pros: The first thing you’ll notice about Tsuritama is its animation. The style it uses is incredibly vibrant and bright, almost to the point of carrying the anime by itself. A notable example is the use of drowning to convey Yuki’s social anxiety. I thought this was a clever and accurate depiction of the feeling. In terms of story, the two arcs that stood out were Nastuki’s family troubles, and Haru’s mission. Though one was more intimate while the other was larger in scope, they both proved to be very interesting. There was also a surprising amount of character growth for a 12-episode anime.

Cons: Tsuritama is slow. The show goes for a more subtle approach in terms of humor. This is more of a coming-of-age story than a summer comedy. I almost feel that this would have been better as a movie than tv show. The main characters of the show become friends through fishing, so expect a lot of fishing tutorials. I personally found this boring, but that’s just me. I also found the characters Haru and Nastuki to be grating at times, ironic since I found their story arcs the most interesting. Haru’s whole cheerful and immature thing bordered on the annoying, while Nastuki’s treatment of his family bugged the hell out of me. All in all, a lot of the elements were there, but it never quite gelled for me.

Watch it?: This won’t be for everyone, but maybe you’ll like it (3/5)

MVP: Yuki Sanada


Don’t drown!

Best Episode: Ep. 1 “Panicked Fishing” (we’ve all been there)

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Squid Girl

Type: Girl who is also a squid


Synopsis: A horrible invader from beyond the waves has come to ensnare us in her turquoise grasp! Tremble in terror at her tentacle might! Feel the sting of pure evil as she bathes you in her nautical ink! Realize how hard it is to come up with squid related phrases!

Pros: I loved Squid Girl because the show just decided to go with it. This is an anime. The main character has squid based powers. Go. The show is at it’s best when it plays around and experiments with different types of stories. You could really tell that the creators had some fun on this one. My particular favorites were the tale of Squid Girl’s first umbrella and the story of Mini Squid Girl. This is the type of show where you can just sit back and chuckle. And there’s nothing sweeter than that.

Cons: The show lost some of it’s charm when it tries to get all feel-good you. The very troupe heavy scenes aren’t bad, there just not original. We’ve all seen the moment when the protagonist realizes that someone else is really nice, so would you go back to the ink spitting all ready? Luckily, since the show is spit into segments, these moments are disperse well enough.

Watch it?: I’m ganna rewatch it. Like right now. (4/5)

MVP: Squid Girl


She’s a girl and a squid. Get it!?

Best Episode: Ep. 8 “Squidn’t you bring an umbrella? / Won’t You Use It?” (the powers of friendship is beautiful)

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Type: Nude Swimming Series (thank you English translation)

Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho

Synopsis: One day this kid named Kaname Okiura almost got dragged to his sea death by some mermaid looking creature. Fast forward ten years later, and he’s still too traumatized to swim. This is especially trying considering that he’s the managers of his schools swim team. His world gets turned around (don’t they always) when an energetic green haired girl named Amuro Ninagawa lands on the beach. Now Kaname has to deal with a swimming savant who may or may not have been his attempted murderer (whisper It was totally her whisper).

Pros: I tried for a while to figure out what I liked about this anime. Was it the fun characters? Was it the unique feel? Was it the admitedly funny fan service? Then I realized, their is almost no melodrama in this show. I cannot tell you how refreshing this is. This show is literally a comedy about a swim team. The developing romance between Kaname and Amuro is the “main” plot, but it never overshadows the humor of the rest of the cast. You get a speedo man, a straight man, a storyteller, an idol, a secretly perverted girl, a kid who isn’t annoying, a bullet head. Like any good comedy, the show’s able to build unique individuals without sacrificing the group dynamic.

Cons: As much as I appreciated this show, nothing about its humor and plots really popped out. It’s not especially flashy, even with its colorful characters. Ironically, the characters in this are so interesting, that episodes that deal with actual plot stuff is lesser for it. I liked the swim team, but only when they weren’t actually competing.  The ending also bugged me. In the last episode you get a montage that basically depicts a whole season worth of plot in two minutes. I really would have loved an actual second season instead, but whatever.

Watch it?: Its a very solid show (4/5)

MVP: Mas Ikariya


I respect any man in a speedo

Best Episode: Ep.9 “Help Me Forget…” (Oh, my youth!)

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Nadia- The Secret of the Blue Water

Type: Space Atlantis

Synopsis: This little four eyes named Jean decides to swing way out of his league by hitting on this circus chick named Nadia. She won’t give him the time of day, causing him to stalk follow her halfway around the world. They’re chased by jewel thieves, forced to serve on a submarine, stranded on an island, and launched into space. All because the guy couldn’t take a simple No.

Pros: The show does a really good job making you hate the bad guys. Because these guys, the Neo-Atlanteans, they were evil. They killed entire villages, women and children. It does’t help that they all wear masks and dress like a certain American racist group. It definitely prevents you from emphasizing with any of them. I also liked the very end where you get to see how all the characters ended up. I wish more anime did that.

Cons: I’m not ganna lie, I’m not the biggest fan of old school anime. To me it all seems too slow and too cliche (though logically, most troupes were less cliche in the past). So most of my criticisms come from that. I found it too cartoony, too slow, too by the book. It had more in common with western cartoons like G.I. Joe or Thundercats than with modern anime. I also didn’t empathize with any of the characters. Jean was annoying. Nadia was crabby. The Jewel Thieves were unbalance. Captain Nemo was a tool. etc.

Watch it?: If your a fan of old adventure cartoons, then this one is for you (2/5)

MVP: Grandis Granva

The only character to actually Mature

Best Episode: The Island Arc (Its pretty good)

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Princess Jellyfish

Type: Cross-dressing eye for the loser girl

Synopsis: A bunch of the sorriest losers in femaledom live together in this dorm called Amamizukan. Then one of them befriends a cross-dresser. The cross-dresser has to help the group of losers keep their home from being demolished for redevelopment.  There’s also a lot of talk involving jellyfish (but for some reason I can’t pinpoint why…)

Pros: This show only has 11 episodes, but it felt like it had a whole lot more. That’s not a bad thing. It manages to put a lot of story in a very slim package without ever feeling rushed. The best parts of the show are all the little moments, like when Shu (politician’s son) gets angry over being lied to, or when Tsukimi (protagonist) remembers her mom, or Kuranosuke’s growing romantic feeling for Tsukimi. These three characters are also coincidentally the best part of the show.

Cons: The supporting cast (with the exception of Shu). All of Tsukimi’s dorm mates in Amamizukan are very annoying. They each have some sort of weird obsession and are stubbornly attached to their anti-social behavior (no jobs, no education, no life). They are very, very, very unlikable. Almost unwatchable. And since they’re in the majority of the anime, they make the show almost as unwatchable.

Watch it?: If you can look past the tenets of Amamizukan, then you’ll be able to find a nice little story (3/5)

MVP: Shu Koibuchi

A surprisingly good man

Best Episode: Ep. 4 “Let’s Meet at the Aquarium” (under the sea…)

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My Bride is a Mermaid

Type: Mermaid lovin’–Japanese style.

Synopsis: Kid (Nagasumi Michishio) gets rescued by a mermaid (Sun Seto) from drowning. Turns out shes an underwater Yazuka princess with a severely overprotective father/mafia don. Kid’s forced to marry the mermaid or face execution for discovering the secrets of the deep. The newlyweds and her family move in with the kid’s family, bringing with them a whale of a wanna be fiance, an insane mermaid idol, and a mildly violent sea cop. Cue laugh track and generic 90’s light rock.

Pros: Funny. Very Funny. The show goes for wacky laughs and nonsensical cutaways that work so well. Add to the recipe your occasional fan service (in speech, not imagery) laugh to spice up an already great anime. The show even has running gags! (Masa-san!) Even the English version is great!

Cons:….wait….I can think of something…..oh! I know! The, ah, age of the main cast. Their all in middle school, making some of the fan servicy laughs kind of creepy in retrospect. But that’s about it.

Watch it?: Only if you love great anime! (5/5)

MVP: Gozaburo Seto

He’ll punch anyone on this, the day of his daughter’s wedding.

Best Episode: Ep.2 “The Lord of the Ring” (young love is so bold!).

Video Summary: Here

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