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Persona 3 The Movie: No.3 Falling Down

Type: Also known as Flying

Synopsis: Did you know that I just went on my first ever airplane flight! Crazy man. Everything looks like grids and curves in between mountains. It reminded me just how big the world is, ya know?…anyways, this is the third Persona 3 movie.

Pros: Persona 3 The Movie, No.3. Yes sir. The third movie. The big 3. El tercero movie-o. What can I say about Persona 3 The Movie, No.3. Anyone? Anyone at all? Um, it starts off after the events of Persona 3 The Movie, No.2. It has the same cast. Same focus on action quality over everything else. Ah, for the game fans we get cameos from more social link NPCs. That’s neat. The subplots for this movie are Makoto becoming nihilistic and Junpei getting into a romantic relationship with a girl that cuts herself. And a new supporting character is introduced: Ryoji. Yep, that is what happened in this movie.

Cons: Its boring. Well….no, yeah, its boring. This movie covers the least interesting part of the original game story. The problem is that the Shinjiro story in the second movie is such an emotional climax for the characters that this movie has to deal with the aftermath and therefore feels more passive than the other two in the series. Stuff happens in this movie, but you don’t end up caring as much because your still recovering from before. It’s a shame too, because this movie finishes Junpei’s character arc, finally making him more than a comedic duffus. It also sets that stage for the last stretch of the story. But at the end of the day, it’s not that interesting and actually made me question if the Persona games do have good stories or if it’s just reputation talking.

Watch it?: No. Why do I like this series so much again?

MVP: Junpei

I actually started using him after these events

Best Moment: The bathhouse scene (My favorite moment in Persona 3!!)

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Persona 3 The Movie: No.2 Midsummer Knights Dream

Type: Oh, I get it, it’s like wordplay

Synopsis: Because “midsummer” refers to the movies setting, and “Knight” refers to the cover girl Aigis, whose is like a robot knight. I see what you did there Persona 3 The Movie: No.2. 

Pros: Like the title implies, this movie covers the second act of Persona 3 the video game. We’ve established our core characters, so now we have to introduced our auxiliary characters and out main antagonists. Just to keep score, and not counting minor characters, that jumps our cast number from 5 to 12. And while that is a lot of people to keep track of, the film mainly focuses on 2 subplots, namely Aigis’s introduction and Ken/Shinjiro’s relationship. I actually feel that the Ken/Shinjiro story is better off in this condensed version than in the game, which stretched it out between long gameplay segments. You get a better sense of Ken’s youthful admiration of Shinji, of Shinji’s past with the group, and the overall impact that the resolution of the his subplot has on everyone. Plot aside, this is also the movie with the beach scene, festival scene, and love hotel scene, reminding you that Persona is the most anime RPG out there.

Cons: By watching the second movie, I’m starting to notice a few of the most consistent flaw in the Persona 3 movie series. Namely, the disparity in animation quality in dialogue scenes vs. action scenes. This movie was released a year after Person 3: Spring of Birth, and Person 3: Falling Down was released within a year after this one. This quick turn around means that the films were most likely made simultaneously and on a tight schedule, so some shortcuts had to be used. For example, the film used a still image montage for the opening beach segment. And if you noticed, most dialogue scenes involved close ups and little movement. The only parts that seemed to be afforded time and attention were the fight scenes. A lot of the cast is also shunted or minimized in this part of the story, which is fine unless your a fan of them.

Watch it?: Better than the first, but unless you’ve played the game you can skip it.

MVP: Shinjiro

He’s suppose to be 17, but I always thought he was 34.

Best Moment: The opening love hotel scene (it’s funny and I’m basic)

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Persona 4: The Animation

Type: JRPG, The Animation


Synopsis: This is an anime about a video game about TV mysteries. Yu Narukami has to live with his “sister’s younger brother” for some reason. Then he learns that their’s this weird Midnight Channel that only shows up during rainy days, and whoever’s on it dies the a few day later. He also discovers that he can go inside the TV. So he does what any new kid living in a strange town with magic TV murders does, he forms his own gang, talking bear and all, and goes around town solving mysteries.

Pros: This was a very good show, which was surprising given that it was based on a video game. Nothing against Persona, but fiction based on games usually don’t translate well. The plot and characters where all engaging despite having a cast of eight main characters and six supporting characters. The main characters has a real Scooby Squad feel to them. Even the filler episodes where just as fun, and perhaps more entertaining, than the main story. The animation was fantastic, with each entry into the TV shadow world feeling surreal but strangely familiar. An dark, inverted version of our own world. The show does a really good job balancing a myriad of elements in a 25 episode time span.

Cons: The biggest problem with this show is that it’s main story is repetitive. The main story has to do with solving the town’s sudden rash of mysterious murders. So what happens is, a character is introduced, they show up on the Midnight Channel, the gang goes into the channel, they fight the victim’s shadow self, he/she comes to terms with their inner demons, and the gang gains a member. This happens eight times, in practically the same way. Luckily, their are fillers in between that let you get to know the new member on a personal basis. The last episode also pulls the “secret boss” thing that a lot of JRPG’s have, and the whole thing becomes way too philosophical. But in it’s defense, the big reveal before that was well done and a bit surprising.

Watch it?: Yes, this is the best property based on a video game I’ve ever come across. (5/5)

MVP: Yu Narukami


His timing. Priceless.

Best Episode: Ep.15 “The Long-Awaited School Trip” (I love drunks)

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