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Princess Resurrection

Type: Necromancer Lady


Synopsis: Good guy Hiro Hiyorimi dies trying to save a young woman from certain death. His good deed impresses the young women so, that she rewards him by reviving him. But theirs a catch. Hiro has to be continually revived, or else he dies for good. The price? Eternal service to this demon princess whose family is currently in the middle of a war for the throne. Not only that, but the royal family is apparently very good for you to eat, forcing Hiro to defend the princess from every swamp-thing, mummy, and Jason that comes a-calling. Maybe death wouldn’t have been so bad…

Pros: Their are two aspects of the show that I really liked. First, I really enjoyed the monster aspects of the show. Instead of going for traditional demons, the show decided to use werewolves, vampires, witches, ghosts, the classics basically. Its got an old school monster movie feel that I really enjoyed. I mean, the Princess’s royal guard is really just a werewolf, vampire, frankenstein, and zombie. Second, I was intrigued by the war for the throne. I’m a big fan of parallels in anime, so it was a treat when a member of the Princess’s family showed up with their own royal guard and robot bodyguard. If the show ever gets more seasons, I hope it decides to incorporate more of the royal family dynamic into the plot.

Cons: The first half of the show is stronger than the second half. The show begins by slowly introducing the main cast, using monsters of the week to flesh out the story. For example, the invisible man was used to showcase the intensity of the war for the throne. The second half of the show is used to transition into the main plot about the royal family, but it does it in manner that makes the episodes feel like fillers. Character wise, the protagonist Hiro Hiyorimi kinda bugged me. He’s an alright dude, but is completely useless in a fight. But weirdly enough, he always participated in fights. Why didn’t the princess train him? Why does she even keep him around? Hiro’s whole role felt forced a times, making you wonder why he was even their.

Watch it?: Give the first 13 episodes a shot, then see if you want to watch the rest. (3/5)

MVP: Flandre



Best Episode: Ep.25 Princess Delinquent (bad robot)

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