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Samurai Harem: Asu no Yoichi

Type: A Samurai that has a Harem

Synopsis: One day this samurai gets a harem and then hijincks. O.k, O.k., ah, Yoichi is a samurai in training who is sent into the modern world to gain real life experience. His “host family” is the Ikaruga family, comprised of four pretty girls, and thus, hijinks.

Pros: Its a lighthearted show. ¬†Some jokes, some gags, some fan service, rinse and repeat. But the best parts of the show are Ayame Ikaruga and Ryo Washizu. Ayame is your basic tsundere character, but her inferiority complex towards her older sister gives her depth. And Ryo’s delinquent character in love (who turns out to be a pretty good guy) is always a welcome addition to any show.

Cons: This show didn’t do anything that other shows haven’t done before. A variety of girls, a love triangle within the harem, beach, hot springs, festival, first date, kidnapping, moment of doubt, etc. Yoichi was an alright protagonist, but he got a but preachy at times. And he and the oldest Ikaruga sister’s, Ibuki’s, relationship was pushed on the audience way too fast (they literally have a time stops moment when they first see each other).

Watch it?: If you’ve never seen a harem, this is as good a place to start as any (2/5)

MVP: Ayame Ikaruga

Number One in Our Hearts

Best Episode: Ep. 9¬†“A Summer Festival: Plunging Into the Fire” (two of my favorite characters)

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