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Sankarea: Undying Love

Type: Necrophelia!


Synopsis: A young heiress named Rea has an incredibly overprotective and pervy father who tries to control every aspect of her life “for her own good. So first opportunity she gets, Rea offs herself with a potion made the town’s resident zombie freak. Turns out the potion was legit, and Rea become part of the walking dead, and puts herself under the care of an incredibly overprotective and pervy boy who tries to control every aspect of her undead life “for her own good.” They say women fall for men who remind them of their fathers (unless they listen to their mothers), but this is ridiculous.

Pros: So yeah, Chichiro totally wants to bang a dead chick. To each his own I suppose. The anime is pretty straight forward. A zombie fan named Chichiro makes friends with a pretty rich girl named Rea, and accidentally turns her into a zombie. She moves in with him, and he needs to figure out how to keep her from rotting away. The twist is that Rea is much happier and more alive as a zombie than she was as a human, because her father was overprotective and harbored unsettling emotions towards her. The anime has a mix of psudo-psychological drama with typical anime comedy and fan service. The drama comes from Rea’s side, and the comedy comes from Chichiro’s side. Chichiro has a pervy grampa, a dead pan sister, and a curvy childhood friend named Ranko. They provide most of the laughs, and Rea and Ranko provide the fan service. You wouldn’t think a show about a dead girl would have this much fan service, yet here we are. Chichiro himself is pretty funny, since he looks and sometimes acts like a cat, meaning he’s more of a tease than your regular anime protagonists. Seriously, everything on Chichiro’s side is awesome. Great love-comedy stuff. Everything about Rea’s family is icky.

Cons: Rea’s dad is creepy as f!@#!!! Ew, ew, ew, ew. That what gets the anime going in the first place! Rea is so skeezed out by her dad, that she decides to kill herself. Talk about problems. Because of this, the anime covers the extremes of dark psychology and silly humor. So one scene may show Rea’s dad taking naked pictures of his daughter, and the next will show Ranko rubbing her chest all over Chichiro’s face. The show is about 30% the former, and 70% the latter. Speaking of which, I am still surprise at the amount of fan service in this. Not offended or anything, just surprised. It’s also worth mentioning that Rea basically traded one freak for another, as Chichiro is often worried about Rea’s health and whether or not she will decompose, and he does at one point start recording her on a daily basis. Does no one see the irony in this! Though, in Chichiro’s defense, he does at one point say that Rea’s fate is hers to decide, not his or her fathers. The anime implies as second season that will deal with Rea’s decomposing mind and becoming a flesh eater, but we’ll have to see if anything comes of it.

Watch it?: Just skip the yucky Rea’s dad parts (4/5)

MVP: Ranko


Weird crushes on your cousin aside, she was still pretty fun

Best Episode: Ep.6 “Because… I Met You” (zombie meets family)

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