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Spice and Wolf (Season 1 & 2)

Type: Medieval Economics 101


Synopsis: A merchant named Kraft Lawrence accidentally becomes the tour guide of a wolf spirit named Holo. He promises to take her to her home in the north. In exchange, he gets to travel with a cute girl whose superhuman senses gives him an edge in trading. Even so, Lawrence’s ineptitude as a merchant gets them into trouble on numerous occasions. Seriously, he’s not very good at what he does. Its like he was running a bank or something.

Pros: I really like what the show did with the relationship between Lawrence and Holo. From their silly banter, to their more intimate moments, you really get the sense that these two are close. All too often in anime, a relationship feels too forced and rushed. But in the case of Lawrence and Holo, their relationship is allowed to grow, making their eventual romance feel organic and natural. I especially liked Holo. The show does a good job emphasizing her age through her dialogue and actions, subtly reminding you that she is several hundred years old. She has a confidence that only comes through experience, as well as a sadness from living so long. Quite a compelling character.

Cons: This show can be divided into three parts. The fist part is the relationship between Lawrence and Holo, which I found to be the most entertaining. The second part is the basic plot structure. Every season has two story arcs, each revolving around some sort of business deal that eventually goes bad. The only thing that changes are the characters and details. This part is actually pretty exciting, and the show does a good job building drama and suspense. The last part is detailed financial explanations. The show revolves around a merchant. Thus, it delves deeply, often dedicating entire scenes, into explaining various aspects of trading, from market fluxes, networking, the risk of investing in futures, etc. This was very boring, but it did remind me of Moby Dick, which itself has weirdly detailed explanations of the whailing industry.

Watch it?: If you have the patience, you’ll enjoy it (4/5)

MVP: Holo


Wise Wolf of Yoitsu

Best Episode: S2, Ep.1-6 The Amati Arc (all of it)

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