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Student Council’s Discretion Lv.2

Type: Student Council Anime Lv. 2 (really)


Synopsis: There’s this school that decides on who will rule their student body based on popularity. So naturally everyone in student government is a pretty girl. One seat is open to the person with the highest grades, allowing a pervy dude a seat at the table. Last season, it was revealed that the pervy dude secretly does all the council’s work to allow the girls to goof off. This was done to repay them for helping him out of his depression during his freshman year. Now, all the girls all leaving him, but he has 10 more episodes to help them contribute absolutely nothing to the student body.

Pros: Fun fact, this season actually premiered in 2012, the first year of this very review site. But since it was coming out weekly during that time, I decided to hold off watching it until it was finished. Ah…better late than never? The anime is 10 episodes ( well, it’s really 9 episodes and 1 prequel). The plot is that the student council, or at least all the female members, are leaving. Two are graduating, and two are moving. This puts the protagonist Ken in an awkward position. As revealed in season 1, the only reason he joined the student council was to make sure the girls had fun. His whole “harem master” character is just an act based on the only archetype in fiction who supposedly makes all the girls around him happy (it’s later revealed that he’s actually quite popular in school). It’s dumb, but endearing, and put a lot of his actions in a different perspective. The show itself is still funny, full of parody and references. The emotional arc is the impending student council separation, but it’s never overdone. Each of the girls get a private moment with Ken to tie up loose ends. We even learn about the people involved in Ken’s “cheating” scandal during middle school, which kinda makes you question what exactly was meant by “cheating.” Overall, a good send off for a show that’s a lot more clever than you’d think.

Cons: The show has the classic harem problem of too many girls, too little time. The show has the 4 main female protagonists, but it also has a bunch of supporting characters that take up a lot of time. I may have thought that Ken’s moments with the student council was short and sweet, but other may view it as throwaway and anticlimactic. Speaking of Ken, we get to meet his former love interests, his step-sister Ringo and childhood friend Asuka. They were the girls that Ken “two-timed,” but they describe it so vaguely that I would have liked a proper flashback to their relationship. I know he feels that he broke their hearts, but it’s two years later and they seem pretty happy about it. And finally, I kinda would have liked to see whose going to replace the student council and keep Ken company. But I guess that’s a whole other story.

Watch it?: Yes. It’s so fun watching people waste time (4/5)

MVP: Ken Sugisaki


It’s all a scam! He’s not that pervy!

Best Episode: Ep.3 “The student council gets a job” (world president!?)

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Student Council’s Discretion

Type: Student Council Anime (really)

Synopsis: There’s this school that decides on who will rule their student body based on popularity. So naturally everyone in student government is a pretty girl. One seat is open to the person with the highest grades, allowing a pervy dude a seat at the table. Then….nothing. They spend all their time in the student body room running the school. They then have the dude write down what the group is saying. They sell their notes to a publisher, thus creating themselves through the stories they created. Cosmic.

Pros: For a anime that only has one real setting, it actually takes you a while to realize that it only has the one setting.  I only found out when I read its wiki. Whats really crazy is that the show actually has more depth than it lets on. Every girl represents a season (seriously), and each actually had a hand in influencing the pervy dude (actually revealing that he has much more to him than meets the eye). Its an interesting angle on the harem genre in retrospect. Not really a “guy winning over the girls” story, but more of a “guy trying to repay the girls that made him a better person.” This translates into the show’s cool comedic style. What’s really just a show about five people spending time with each other in a small room turns into a show about five anime girls trying to run a school thanks to/in spite of a perv. We got a inmature pink hair, a evil and sexy black hair, a angry brown hair, and a absent minded blond hair. To top it all off, we got a pervy brown hair with checkered pants. A good mix that keeps you satisfied for 12 episodes.

Cons: The show, like a lot of visual novel animes, gets melodramatic. Not a lot (thank you), but still. I’m also not a big fan of imature pink hair, but that’s my own hangup. Other than that, I ain’t got no real complaints. The show has a few generic anime moments here and their (like having one of the girls have crush on the male protagonist), but the show’s unique enough to rise above them.

Watch it?: But of Course. (4/5)

MVP: Ken Sugisaki

He just wants his girls to have fun

Best Episode: Ep.5 “Student Council Rests” (Bikinis. But strong recommendation for “Tidying Student Council” first half)

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