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Sword Art Online (Part 2)

Type: Alfheim Online


Synopsis: Two months after getting stuck in an MMO, but not taking place in another season for some reason, video game nerddddd Kirito signs up for another monthly subscription to save his online girlfriend from a date rapist. This new MMO has a bunch of flying elves, which is…cool? Elves were in Lord Of the Rings, so I think that makes them cool. Kirito basically has a week to save the love of his life and prevent a totally legal marriage while she’s in a coma. Plus, he gets to fly around with a really busty blondy that may or may not be his incestuous sister. Anime everybody!

Pros: You know, the idea of Sword Art taking place in other MMO worlds is cool, and it would have been cooler if the show just bit the bullet and made Ep.15-25 another season. It’s nitpicky, but it would have made it simpler to separate both halves. The show still keeps its quality action scenes and gaming jargon, and I liked that Kirito got a Navi-like figure. Very Legend of Zelda. I also liked Leafa, in that I liked that Kirito traveled with another person for the majority of his time in Alfein Online.

Cons: First off, the incestuous sister story troupe needs to stop. None of this “technically not related” bullshit can make up for the gross factor. Second, I didn’t feel as emotionally invested in the Alfein Online storyline as I did with Sword Art. Kirito can’t actually die in this game, and you know Asuna will be rescued. Speaking of that, why did they have to marginalize Asuna so much? She went from bad-ass fighter to damsel in distress, in the worst possible way. She’s stuck in a bird cage, cries for Kirito to save her, and worst of all, she gets sexually harassed and constantly threatened with assault in almost every scene she shows up in. For a minute, it looks like she was going to escape and maybe work her way down the fortress while Kirito works his way up, but nope. Instead she’s attacked my tenticle monsters. For reals, that’s a thing that happens. The bad guy in this is also just the worst kind of slime. Also, for only having a week, Kirito seemed in no hurry and screwed around a whole lot.

Watch it?: Everyone lives. There, now you don’t have to watch it. (3/5)

MVP: Yui


“Daddy” was annoying, but she was very helpful when you think about it.

Best Episode: Ep. 19 “The Lugru Corridor” (Giant Summon)

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Sword Art Online (Part 1)

Type: The part that actually takes place in the game Sword Art Online


Synopsis: A young man is trapped in a virtual world where he has to train digital monsters to–Oops! wrong show. I mean to say that the young man is trapped in a virtual world and must solve the mystery of why he can’t log out while dealing with his inner fears and anxieties–no, sorry, that’s a different show too. Let me double check my notes…o.k. This show does follow a young man who is trapped in a virtual world, where monster do exist but as enemies, and he does deal with emotion problems but mostly about why every girl that meets him want to date him. He also actually makes it out of the game half way through, hence the “Part 1” in the title.

Pros: As non-original as it is, the premise of a person trapped in a virtual world still intrigues me. The plot behind this show is that a about ten thousand people are trapped in an online game. If they beat the boss, they beat the game, and the protagonist is one such person who resolves to do just that. The result is an action packed anime with video game jargon and the occasional love story. The action is nice and flashy, but the love stories are hit or miss. The stipulation that “if you die in the game, you die in real life” made some of the early death scenes pretty emotional. It was also an interesting idea to have time move in real time, and the revelation that two year go by in the first fourteen episodes really helps solve some of the show’s pacing problems.

Cons: This show is good, but its not great. I wasn’t psyched about that fact that every girl, every single dingle girl, that meets Kirito falls for him. This felt a little too harem-esque to me. As mentioned above, I also felt that the show had pacing issues, with stories jumping around in both location and time. For example, in Episode 1, Kirito is a level 1 player, but in episode 2 Kirito is apparently so high level that his afraid to tell people. A quick scene maybe showing him grinding would have been since. I was kinda ticked that most people in the show didn’t just band together and rush the hundred floors needed to beat the boss, but that’s nitpicking (and I guess since most people were at level 1, it wouldn’t have helped). As for the Kirito-Asuna relationship, I liked it. It was fine. I actually would have preferred more duo adventures, or at least one episode showcasing an Asuna solo quest. The overall emotional tone of the show is also a little bit too melodrama from some.

Watch it?: All-in-all, its fairly entertaining (4/5)

MVP: Sword Art Online


For being a game so intricate, it actually had a Cooking skill tree in it.

Best Episode: Ep. 3 “The Red-Nosed Reindeer” (because everyone called him names?)

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