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Magical Pretty Girl Sammy

Type: Spin-off!


Synopsis: In the magical world of anime Japan, a pretty girl named Sasami is turned into a pretty magical girl named Sammy in the name of love, justice, and merchandising.

Pros: The Magical Pretty Girl Sammy franchise is a very interesting entry in the surprisingly wide Tenchi Muyo brand. The concept is based on a multiverse story from a CD Drama, which was later adapted into Tenchi Universe, and then into this OVA. The premise is fairly simple: Sasami and everyone in the Tenchi Muyo Universe cast is in a magical girl show. Now for me, I got a kick out of this, as it was yet another way to see the Tenchi English voice cast strut their stuff. And I do generally enjoy when an established anime experiments with other genres. The jokes are neither here nor there, though I did like the fierce rivalry between Ayeka and Ryoko (even if Ryoko is a lot more forward in this). The best character is probably Pixie Misa, Sasami’s delightfully evil rival. And while this show keeps it fairly light, the moments when Sasami gets serious is pretty cool.

Cons: The show is a 3 episode OVA what doesn’t really have an ending. Now, I looked it up, an apparently the Pretty Sammy brand has two other full length anime, Magical Project S, and the non-canotical Sasami: Magical Girl’s Club. So I would view this OVA as more of a backdoor pilot than anything else. The show is not amazing by any means. It’s got that traditional Tenchi Muyo jank in terms of animation and voice acting, but that’s kinda it’s charm (at least to me). My only real complain is against the show’s attempts to make the 10 year old, 4th grader Sasami “sexy,” or at least more sexual. I can always live without that.

Watch it: Maybe out of curiosity (3/5)

MVP: Pixie Misa


She loves to double cross everyone!

Best Episode: OVA rules (a.k.a. you decide)


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Tenchi Universe

Type: Nostalgic


Synopsis: Ah man, now this take me back. The life of an Earth boy named Tenchi is turned upside down by the great Space Pirate Ryoko, the Princess Ayeka, her sister Sasami, the Galaxy Policewomen Mihoshi and Kiyone, and Washu, the greatest mad scientist in the universe! And unlike the original, they get into way more hijinks this time around. Some on Earth, some in Space, some is PARALLEL DIMENSIONS!

Pros: Ok, so its going to be hard for me to review this, because Tenchi Muyo was the first anime reviewed on this site. The entire franchise has a fond place in my heart, flaws and all. Tenchi Univese is a proper 26 episode anime, unlike the original that came out sporadically in OVAs. The story and relationships are largely the same, ending with Tenchi’s battle with Kagato, but it has some minor tweaks. For example, in this show, Mihoshi plays a larger part, and was actually introduced alongside Ryoko in the firs episode. Ryoko is also a lot more mischievous in this iteration. The overall tone is more slice of life, and the inclusion of Mihoshi’s exasperated partner Kiyone opens up some Laverne and Shirley-esque stories. As much as I love the original, anyone looking to see what Tenchi Muyo is about should really start here.

Cons: I felt that the last arc was a bit too long. It depicts the invasion of Jurei, which is cool considering that in the original, Ryoko was on the run for invading Jurei. A nice reversal there. But still, it took a little long to get to the fireworks factory, you know? Some fans may notice characters like Ayeka and Washu getting a bit short changed, and Ryoko no longer has anything to do with Washu, Jurei,or Kagato. But yeah, I can’t really point out any major flaws. Even the mid-90’s voice acting was stellar.

Watch it?: The best Tenchi series???? (4/5)

MVP: MIhoshi and Kiyone


Even though Ryoko is still boss, these two GXP ladies stole the show

Best Episodes: Ep.11-13 “Time and Space Adventure” (Genre Adventure!)

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Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar

Type: Alien world anime with mecha fighting

Synopsis: This guy named Tenchi Masaki I mean Kenshi Masaki is sent to an alien world by his sister-in-law’s crazy mother (only he don’t know it till the end, but that’s not important). This alien world has a bunch of mecha suits that can only be piloted by really hot girls (and sometimes jerky boys). Being a completely inexperienced alien with no training, Kenshi naturally excels at piloting the mecha suits. This lead him to become irresistible with the female populous. Those Masaki’s will do that.

Pros: Once again I find myself liking a Tenchi Muyo! anime, even though on paper I really shouldn’t. Its not over the top. Its not particularly sexy. Its ending is convoluted. And this one has hour long episodes! But dammit, they got me again. Its really Kenshi’s fault. His ability to attract every woman around him without even trying to is just too funny. He’s not a Casanova, he’s a puppy. That’s the best way to describe it. He’s not the girls’s leader, he’s the girls’s pet.

Cons: Like I said, the ending is too convoluted. It makes the mistake of introducing an evil matermind that is just their to be an evil mastermind. Which is a shame, because the show spent its first half establishing the character Dagmeyer as the main antagonist (he was able to trick Kenshi into an attempted assassination). Dagmayer was manipulative, seductive, and sympathetic. He was Kenshi, but evil. But his downgrade to lackey by the midpoint of the show was a bummer. Other than that, it has many of the traditional Tenchi Muyo!-isms that may not be for everyone: nice guy, alien girls, middle of the road humor (not too subtle, not too wacky), evil mastermind, rival, convoluted story, and mild action.

Watch it?: If you’re a Tenchi fan then yes. If your not, then its up to you. (3/5)

MVP: Kenshi Masaki

Who wouldn’t love a monkey boy with Kun-fu and Home-ec skills?

Best Episode: Ep. 3 “He Who Must Work……” (special messages…)

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Tenchi Muyo! GXP

Type: Comedy harem with space things (again) and winter-spring romances.

Synopsis: This guy named  Seina Yamata is going to his local shrine when a giant space ship lands on him. He’s rescued by this hot blonde chick who turns out to be recruiting for the Galaxy Police. Stuff happens involving his extremely bad luck, space pirates, and furries. Oh, and every girl interested in Seina is about 5 years his senior, and the oldest is 15 years older. But their still hot, so that makes it o.k. I guess….

Watch It?: eh, depends. (2/5)

Tenchi Muyo! GXP good, but it’s not great. GXP is a proper 26 episode anime with an actual plot. Not a great plot, but a plot none the less. It starts with Seina joining the GXP, his promotion to Captain of his own ship, and his raise to fame due to his dealings with the space pirates. But their are points when GXP wants to be something its not. GXP is a harem comedy with science-fiction elements, not science-fiction with comedic elements. The “serious” moments of the show feel forced and out of place. Its hard to take Amane (blond space cop) comforting Seina after a traumatic mission when every other moment with her focuses on how jiggly her breasts are.

Another problem is Seina himself. Seina is nice. Super nice. Annoyingly nice. On top of that he’s not that assertive, and way too humble. He’s basically a passive player in his own anime. If not for the strength of his supporting cast, GXP would be un-watchable. But what a supporting cast! Amane the seductive blonde space cop, Kiriko the jealous childhood friend/ 30 year old, well, 30 year old. Then theirs Ryoko the hot space pirate/furry, and finally Neju, the younger sister type who is ironically the oldest out of the bunch. Not to mention the much loved new characters to the Tenchi Universe: Seto “Devis Princess” Jurai and Airi Masaki (Tenchi Masaki’s great-grandmother and grandmother respectively, and Seina’s bosses). So, if your a fan of Tenchi Muyo anime, not too thrown off the the serious age differences in GXP, and patient with your anime, then watch it. If not, pass.

MVP: Amane

Blonde, big boobed, flirty, and knows it.

Best Episode: Ep.12 Kamidake Seriously Damaged (solely for the fact that it has the best Ryoko-Seina scene in the entire series)

Video Summary: Here

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Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

Type: Comedy harem with space things and sometimes incest.


Synopsis: This guy named Tenchi Masaki is training to be a monk or something when he accidentally frees a demon who turns out to be an alien girl. Later he finds out that the girl, named Ryoko, is actually a wanted space pirate. Add two space princesses, a space scientist, and a space cop, and you have the basic premise.

Watch It?: Sure. (3/5)

Tenchi Muyo! is pretty funny for an early 1990’s harem. The animation won’t blow you away and the fan service is weak, but the characters are likable. The anime follows that traditional harem troupe of establishing a love triangle, then adding additional women for fun. The rivalry between Ryoko (space pirate) and Ayeka (space princess) is gold, and Mihoshi’s (space cop) blonde dummy act is priceless. The anime does fall victim to having a plot that only show’s up when it wants to, but given its OVA nature, that can be forgiven.

The one flaw that may turn you away is Tenchi Muyo!’s dance with the topic of incest. One of Tenchi’s main love interests is actually his great Aunt (did I mention that none of the aliens age? Cause that’s important) who was really eager to marry Tenchi’s grandfather (a.k.a. her brother). Not to mention that Tenchi’s own sister (who helped raise him) and his grandmother both seem to be warm for his form. But these incident are thankfully few and far between.

MVP: Ryoko

She’s brash, rude, and a drunk. What’s not to love!

Best Episode: Ep.1 Ryoko Resurrected (“You are one sexy demon” wink.)

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