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Motto To Love-Ru

Type: To Love-Ru Season 2

Motto To LOVE-Ru - 12

Synopsis: Guy named Rito is living with the consequences of having confessed his love for an alien princess named Lala to save the entire world. His life is now host to a myriad of alien and human girls that all seem to want his attention. So be prepared for a lot of misunderstandings. A lot of strange situations. And a whole lot of nudity.

Pros: Motto To Love-Ru seems to have moved away from the traditional twenty minute showing in favor of smaller and more varied  stories. It abandoned the whole “Deviluke” premised and instead focuses on the day-to day exploits of the main cast. Every episode in this new season is divided into two to three skits that vary in purpose. Most of the segments put Rito and the cast in very silly situations, which almost always lead to someone losing all their clothing. The animation had a major upgrade as well, helping elevate some of the stories and gags. The fan-service was also ramped-up to 11, with some scenes even surprising my experienced eyes. All in all, this second season is a much funnier, quicker, and more enjoyable successor to the original To Love Ru.

Cons: Their are entirely too many characters in this show. Not having watched To Love Ru in a while, I had totally forgotten who half these characters were. Since when did Lala have twin sisters? Whose that little green haired girl? What the hell is with that ghost girl? It’s was also kinda hard to keep track on who liked Rito, and who just sort of hung out with the rest of the cast. I will say, however, that my previous reservations about the character Lala where reverse in this season. Lala was more obvious about her love for Rito, and even supported her rival Haruna’s own efforts. She also dressed more like a human and less like an alien, making her all the more likable.

Watch it?: Even if you haven’t watched To Love Ru, you will enjoy this anime (4/5)

MVP: Rito


The Jimmy Olsen of Harem Anime

Best Episode: Ep.10 “Pollen Telepathy / A Girl’s Feelings / Hear Throbbing Mail” (it’s a triple threat)

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To Love Ru

Type: Alien girl tries to force human into marriage as form of teenage rebellion


Synopsis: Guy named Rito is taking a bath where he bumps into a alien girl, Lala (which happens more often than you think). Lala decides to rope him into an intergalactic feud with the Tyrant King of the Galaxy, even though it would mean the destruction of the Earth. She then falls in love with him for reals (duh), and proceeds to stalk him. So basically, she’s the protagonist and antagonist of the show.

Pros: To Love Ru has many of the strengths common in harem anime’s. Each of the girls are attractive and quirky. It doesn’t stray away from fan service. And the plots usually find resolution in the most exaggerated manner possible. Its also funny in a gag-oriented sort of way (which is honestly the best kind).

Cons: To Love Ru is average. Nothing really pops out at you. The alien girl in the bathtub has been done. The conflict steaming from a unconventional marriage has been done. The male protagonist not really liking the female protagonist has been done. You know what, that’s another thing. Rito and Lala, not the best couple. The problem is that Rito is established in liking a girl named Haruna at the start of the anime. His feelings don’t go away. She’s his main love interest until the very end of the season. This twist on the harem plot never works. You feel bad for the first girl, annoyed at the new girl, and uncomfortable with the dude.

Watch it?: Nah, you’re not missing anything that you haven’t seen before (2/5)

MVP: Golden Darkness

Awesome Name

Best Episode: Ep. 25 “The Earth’s Final Night” (honestly, very exciting)

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