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Trinity Blood

Type: I was expecting Hellsing, boy, was I disappointed.


Synopsis: History tells us that after the fall of Rome, the Empire was divided in two. The west evolved into the Holy Roman Empire, while the east evolved into the Byzantine Empire. Both claimed to be the “true” Roman Empire and Head of the Faith, and they was some heated tension between the two for a few hundred years. But what history doesn’t tell us is that both Empires were full of Vampires, Gun-Priests, and Bad Writing.

Pros: I liked the general allusions to real world history. I liked the idea of a Vatican lead Human Empire fighting a Vampire lead Byzantine Empire. The show does a fair job at making the Vampires seem sympathetic, and making the some of the Humans seem aggressive. No side is perfect, and that’s exactly what this type of story needs. Both sides have people who have their own political agenda, and it’s those who want peace that have to work the hardest to achieve their goal. This is especially hard when their a “third power” that tries to play both sides off each other. I even liked the depiction of a weak-willed Pope, because history is riddled with weak Popes who often acted as puppets for cardinals. The socio-political themes of the show are it’s strongest points.

Cons: OK, maybe I just watched a bad copy, but I remember this show being a lot better looking. But now it looks cheap. The animation is not impressive at all. The story is not impressive at all. Certain plot points are glossed over or omitted, certain characters show up and leave, the pacing is all over the place, and the dialogue is embarrassing. Abel’s a pretty cool goofy repentant bad-ass character, unless you count the times where me melodramatically scrams for god to “FORGIVE ME.” And his entire backstory is given the briefest look at the very end of the series. He has brother named Kain (because of course he does), a sister named Lilith, another sister named Seth, and is some sort of super vampire from Mars. There, now you know. Ester started off strong, as a would-be assassin, but she just turns into a scream queen when her story arc is over. Their are several priests that are introduce, but nothing is really done with them once their intro episode is completed. The show generally has 2-3 episode arcs. And their is an excruciating middle arc involving this whiny little brat named Ion. SCREW ION. The show also alludes to some sort of big-war that resulted in the regression in history and birth of vampires (or “methuselah”), but the show never once explains it. Not even as a two minute thing at the start of the series! You have to gather it through osmosis. This anime is a blatant “you like the anime? Then you’d better read the light novels!” kind of deal. Luckily for me, I don’t have to do neither.

Watch it?: No. no. skip. skip. (3/5)

MVP: Ester


She’s apparently funner in the manga

Best Episode: Ep.3 “The Star of Sorrow I. City of Blood”  (Ester appears)

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Type: Chibi Vampires


Synopsis: In the 21st Century, a family of vampires have secretly created a home in Japan. The oldest daughter, Karin, is a the runt of the litter. And by runt, I of course mean the freak. She’s not a regular vampire. She doesn’t hate garlic. She can walk in the sun. And when she bites people she doesn’t suck blood, she injects her own. Karin manages to live a pretty average life until she meets Usui, a boy who’s presence immediately increases her bloodlust. We’ve all been there, am I right ladies?

Pros: I really liked what the show did with the concept of vampires. In this universe, vampires are attracted to the the blood of certain personality types. When a vampire feeds on a victim, they temporarily suck out that personality trait. So if a vampire drinks the blood of a dishonest person, that person become more honest. A prideful person becomes more humble. A stressful person becomes more relaxed. etc. This is a pretty clever twist on the vampire genre, and helps make vampires more sympathetic.

Cons: The show is a generic love comedy. The majority of the plot is different characters telling the two protagonists that their love is wrong and won’t last. Though, to be honest, most of this came from the big brother. But he’s a prick, so who cares. Then their’s the “rival” character for Karin’s love, who is annoying as all get out. Their’s also the subplot involving Usui’s mother’s job problems, which dragged on way too long. It was supposed to make Usui more sympathetic, but I think a poor boy whose father abandoned him and who unconditionally loves a freak vampire is plenty sympathetic. I was also bugged by Karin’s lack of agency. She’s the protagonist, but the only active thing she ever did was decide to trust Usui. Aside from that, she’s a pretty passive character, and almost everything is decided for her.

Watch it?: Skip it. (2/5)

MVP: Anju Maaka


Little vampires be keeping it real

Best Episode: Ep.20 “The First Time is Embarrassing” (having a sister is hard)

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Vampire + Rosario Capu2

Type: Student spends his second year at Monster High School


Synopsis: Tsukune Aono survived his first year of Monster High School (Yokai Academy) more or less intact. Now he gets to enjoy a relatively calmer school year with his vampire, succubus, snow fairy, witch posse. That is, until his Vampire Girl’s little sister comes into town. She has this crazy idea that her sister is actually two different people. Oh wait, she is!

Pros: Compared to the first Vampire Rosario, this new season is funnier, more self-referential, and overall lighter in tone. The show makes more use of gags (Tsukune! Moka-san!), breaking the fourth wall, and misleads. The series has moved away from the whole human-demon relations thing, and moved closer to it’s harem aspects. Since the harem has already been established, the show can play around with group dynamics a lot more. Most of the episodes focus on one of the girl’s efforts to improve their relationships with Tsukune in relation to the rest of the group. Overall, its just a lot more fun.

Cons: Again, their is nothing original about this anime. If you’re not a fan of harem anime, this won’t in any way change your opinion. The actions scenes from the first season seemed to have been diluted in favor of the humor. There is a lot of panty based fan service, like a lot, like one episode even revolved around pointing it out.  The new character Kokoa was really not needed. She was just their for strawberry panty shoots really.

Watch it!?: Its better than Vampire + Rosario. A pretty serviceable harem anime. (3/5)

MVP: Mizore Shirayuki


I’m rooting for you, Stalker-Girl!

Best Episode: Ep. 7 “Bathroom and a Vampire” (its time to meet the parents!!)

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A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives

Type: Zombie + Vampire = Love

Synopsis: One day, a dude gets hit by a truck. Then he finds out he’s a zombie (sort of). Then he remembers that his childhood vampire girlfriend (because those exist) is being held prisoner somewhere. Reunited, the couple have to contend with crazy twins, alternate personalities, feminine kidnappers, and desperatly pathetic love rivals. Bet the dude wished the truck had done a better job.

Pros: It takes a while, but by the end you warm up to it. What begins as a comedy then transforms into a romance, but finally ends up as an action show. Once you know what it is, you enjoy it a whole lot more. The final cast is someone you can imagine following for 50 or more episodes. It leaves you wanting more.

Cons: It takes a while to warm up to it. When you fist watch the show, you get the impression that its a comedy. Zombie guy gets killed alot, that’s awesome. Then it morphs into a romance story. Then you’re like, O.k. The main couple Taito and Saitohimea are bland, but the supernatural stuff gives them some flavor. Then after seven long episodes, it finally clicks: “Oh, this is an action anime!” By then, the main cast has formed into a solid team that makes sense. Less emphasis is put on Tainto and Saitohimea (because they will get on your nerves). The show needs more episodes to wash away the taste of the first seven, or else it’ll be tainted by the bad romantic subplot.

Watch it?: Not Yet (2/5)

MVP: Gekkou Kurenai

Must be hard to be a Genius in a room full of Idiots

Best Episode: Ep. 8 “The Student Council of Remedial Students” (when it finally starts being watchable)

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Fortune Arterial

Type: The type you don’t want to see

Synopsis: Man, I don’t know. Something about Vampires.

Pros:….I got nothin’.

Cons: Boring. Boring. Booooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

Watch it?: Negative (0/5)

MVP: Kanade Yuki

Its like she horded all the personality for herself.

Best Episode: No. (No)

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Rosario + Vampire

Type: Student gets accepted to Monster High School full of murderous sexy girls.

Synopsis: Tsukune Aono is a prospective high school student who tries to get into some fancy private schools, but can only get into Monster High (technically Yokai Academy). He then meets a Vampire girl who is addicted to his blood. He later meets a Succubus, a Witch, and a Snow Fairy. They each try to help Tsukune keep the fact that he’s a human secret in a school full of demons or else he’d be killed. This is evident by the fact that they each tried to kill Tsukune when they first met him (and even afterwards).

Pros: This is an fan service harem anime with demon elements. One thing that can be considered a strength is the character Moka Akashiya (vampire girl). Her running gag of biting Tsukune dry is pretty funny. That, and her transformation to “Inner Moka” in action scenes actually make the scenes work. She’s by far the most interesting character (partly because she’s not used all that much).

Cons: A. Lot. Of. Stuff. This show screams generic. This is an fan service harem anime with demon elements. It has a pink hair girl. It has a slutty girl. It has a quiet girl. It even has a younger girl. The protagonist is of course nice and meek. The demons are, well demons. Very Japanese. Very Anime. But nothing original. Even the fan service is weak. It has nothing to hook you. Nothing at all.

Watch it?: I can think of no good reason to. So don’t. (2/5)

MVP: Inner Moka

Where the hell is her anime?

Best Episode: Ep. 13 “Tsukune and a Vampire” (Vampire vs. Nine-Tailed Fox, coolio)

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