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Yu Yu Kakusho: Ghost Files

Type: Spirit Detective


Synopsis: Yusuke Urameshi is the local youth failure when he dies after saving a kid from being run over. Heaven, totally surprised by the one time in his life where Yusuke wasn’t a colossal loser, find out that he wasn’t scheduled to die yet. They give him another chance, send him a pretty grim reaper, and eventually hire him as a Spirit Detective. Of course, by Spirit Detective, I really mean private assassin.

Pros: Urameshi’s journey was very entertaining to watch. You really buy into the fact that he hasn’t had the easiest life, making him understandably emotionally distant. He plays the tough guy, but he actually cares deeply for his friends and allies. The show also did an interesting thing with the last three main antagonist, making each represent a different path Yosuke might travel down. His fighting style is also pretty cool. In fact, all the fighting scenes are pretty cool, especially during the Dark Tournament Arc. Urameshi and the demon Hiei definitely had the best fights.

Cons: The title of the show might confuse you. Despite being  a “Spirit Detective,” Yusuke doesn’t really investigate a whole lot. He does, like, three actual cases, and the rest of the series is just fighting tournaments. So don’t look for anything impressive in terms of plot. Don’t get me wrong, the fights are fun, but some of the opponent’s power’s are random. The series never really explains how “Demon World” works, or why some demons look like monster, while others look like humans. Well, they do explain about the Three Emperors who rule the worlds, but that’s wasn’t enough. The show also doesn’t hit it’s stride until the Dark Tournament Arc, and loses it’s fuel during the Demon World Tournament Arc.

Watch it?: Definitely the Dark Tournament Arc, but the rest is optional. (3/5)

MVP: Yosuke Urameshi


Ghost Cop.

Best Episode: Ep.64 “Toguro’s Desire” (Death is the final punch line)

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