Shakugan no Shana Second [Month of Shana]

Type: The struggle is real


Synopsis: New season, new animation, same boring supporting characters. Yuji gets to become less worthless. Margery gets a bit of backstory. Shana stays, well, she’s still Shana. Burning eyes and all. She should really get that checked out.

Pros: So this season is more or less a continuation of last season. It’s more plot focus this time around. The first season was mainly focused on introducing and developing character relationships, while this season is more focused on introducing story specific revelations. For example, Yuji gets a power up because of the thing inside his chest, which is revealed to have been created by an ancient couple for smooching purposes. He also has “silver flames,” which ties him into Margery’s backstory and finally gives her character an excuse to stick around. Even though the anime still fluffs about with some filler episodes, fans of the show’s world building will like this season. And the anime got a major upgrade.

Cons: I am getting progressively angrier at this series. It’s starting to become a problem. I simply do not care enough about the supporting characters or main villains. How gives a F#$$ about Margery has her boy crew? Because I do not. WHY ARE THEY HERE???? It feel that the show creators just wanted a busty blonde around. Truthfully, if they had their own side series, I’d be fine, but their inclusion in these series really ticks me off. They take time away from Shana and Yuiji, who are all I really care about. Although, turning Yuji from just a random guy into a psudo chosen one is pushing it. And I kind miss Shana’s animosity with Kazumi. In this season, they become friendly rivals and compete over Yuji. It was all very early high school. The first arc is also predictable, and the last arc was unnecessary. It should have finished with the fight with the super assassin.

Watch it?: Slightly more good than bad (3/5)

MVP: Wilhelmina


She takes on a super assassin by herself, while injured, and protecting someone. Badass.

Best Episode: Ep. 20 “The Scarlet Death Struggle” (uphill battle)

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2 thoughts on “Shakugan no Shana Second [Month of Shana]

  1. I actually could not get past episode 7 in this season: too much focus on the romance and too little action. Occasionally, I find myself tempted to give it another shot, starting on episode 8. Though, I did highly enjoy the first season of Shana.

    Margery Daw happens to be my favorite character, but her two sidekicks are extraneous most of the time, to be precise 95% of the time.

  2. lexor831 says:

    I love the romance, but I hate whenever the kids are at school. Looking back, I actually hate all of Yuji’s friends. That’s why, if you want to get back in, go straight to the third season, which focuses entirely on a war between Flame Hazel’s and the demons. It also gets rid of all of Yuji’s friends.

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