King of Fighters: Another Day

Type: Are you O-K?

Synopsis: Back in the 90’s, there was a momentary fighting game boom thanks to the popularity of Street Fighter 2. One of the most well-made challengers was the King of Fighters series, which was really a combination of other less successful games released by the company SNK. The anime itself tries to highlight some of the most popular characters, to varying degrees.

Pros: I truly believe that out of all types of games, Fighting games are the most anime friendly (with RPGs coming an immediate second). After all, fighting games are just two well dressed people with short back stories fighting each other. This anime has some of that. We see May, and Terry, and Geese’s kid show up and fight a little. If each episode weren’t so short, I could imagine this being a regular anime.

Cons: While I believe fighters and anime work well together, it’s usually only the animes that are turned into fighters. For some reason, the reverse almost never works out. Maybe it’s because fighters have too many characters, and most central plots are dumb (let’s be real, Shadoloo is dumb). In KOF’s case, the anime will only appeal to hardcore KOF fans, because I had no idea who 99% of these people were. The story is nowhere, consisting mostly of character interactions, which again, only matters if you understand who they are to one another. Even then, the events are weak.

Watch it?: Even KOF fans will complain (2/5) 

MPV: Terry Bogart
Hey, get serious!

Best episode: too short to remember
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High School DXD New

Type: The one with the boobs


Synopsis: One day, this total loser got killed by this girl with big boobs he thought liked him. However, this turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. Because right as he was dying, he was turned into a demon by a Demon Princess with even bigger boobs. Then he got dragon powers or whatever, that’s not important. What is important is that now, the loser’s life revolves around boobs. This is just a continuation of his story.

Pros: I remember really liking the first High School DXD. This fan service comedy really struck a cord with me, mostly because of the boob jokes. What can I say, I am a simple man. Now, maybe because I watched the first season censored, but I believe the nudity game was raised this season. Every dang episode has a bare boob in it. This season still deals with Devils, the Church, and Fallen Angels, but these factions become much more defined. We’re also introduced to a new potential love interest in the form of Xenovia (a exorcist), and we get more back story for Kiba and Akeno. It’s on par with the first season, but sometimes all you need is a good boob joke.

Cons: I really feel that the Sacred Gear concept is out of place in this primarily boob driven anime. They felt very shoen to me, almost like the show was trying to sell me a toy. I’m not sure that the mature audience for a show about demon girls smothering their boobs on a guy’s face would buy toys. The season has two arcs, one about the church vs fallen angels, and the other about a new vampire character. It was interesting to see the main character teach someone else, but the show is seriously veering to overflow character status. The main difference in this season was that Rise and Akeno were legitimately starting to fall in love with the protagonist. The harem is forming.

Watch it?: How maybe times did I say “boobs” (3/5)

MVP: Akeno Himejima
Seriously stepped up her seduction game

Best episode: Ep.10 “Various Three-way Deadlocks!” (lap-pillow!)
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So Its Come To This…Top 10 Favorite Anime [3 Year Anniversary]


Yep. Three years in and the first Top 10 list shows up. Pretty soon, the whole site will be nothing but personal rants and misspelling…This year, Top 10 Favorite Anime, A.K.A. My favorites are better than your. Just kidding. (I’m not kidding). Continue reading

Liebster Award


O.k. screw it. New rule. If I get nominated for an “award” multiple times, I’ll concede and do the thing. If you don’t like it, you can blame Medieval Otoku and Mocorochi for thinking I’m good enough to be given an award. CURSE THOSE BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS!! Continue reading

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion

Type: What a heel turn


Synopsis: So this is the third Madoka movie, but its actually the first sequel to the anime. The franchise did that thing where they dupe rubes into buying two “movies” that are really just elongated clip shows of the original. What rubes.

Pros: Rebellion is a continuation of the anime story, but you don’t know that for about 30 minutes. The movie starts with all five magical girls together, and Homura still in her shy girl phase. Given that this anime deals with timelines, your not exactly sure when the anime takes place until the first reveal happens. Since a lot of the film’s impact depends on surprise and twists, I’ll try my best not to spoil much. What’s not confusing is the stellar action and animation of the Madoka franchise, and we finally get to see the girls fight as a unit! We also get their transformation sequences for the first time (probably), and they certainly fit with the rest of the show. The Russian (?), French (?) inspired animation scenes that are still here and as discomforting as ever. The story, while still a bit off, certainly changes the trajectory of the franchise. Rebellion feels like a movie, which is all I ever want.

Cons: The ending might bother some people, though I though it was great. The film is a solid two hours, but I feel that it could have been a smidge shorter. Once again, despite being the title characters, Madoka feels more like a hanger on than protagonist. The film is Homura’s story, and sadly, she still does her signature hair flip every five seconds. Some of the girls also felt a little out of character. Like, why would Homura confide in Kyoko of all people? How come Sayaka is more perceptive this time around? What’s with the little girl? No really, they never properly explained that part.

Watch it?: Another great entry into a weird and awesome franchise

MVP: The Actions Scenes


Still my favorite part

Best Moment: The Homura/Timoe fight (the fated battle!)

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Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

Type: I like her new hair cut better


Synopsis: 500 years ago, Umbran Witches and Lumen Sages battled over the…ugh, lets not do this. Here’s what you need to know. This is Bayonetta. Its a video game franchise about a tall and shapely bullet witch who looks kinda like a sexy librarian. She has an English-accent and talks in seductive innuendos. She fights creepy looking angels with her magic hair that doubles as her clothing, and she sometimes hands out with Joe Pescie. It’s all very tongue and cheek, and the anime gets like, 80% of that.

Pros: Fans of the video game may either really like this anime, or hate it. It depends on how hardcore you are to consistency in interpretation. The anime kinda only shows the highlights of the first game, but it does it do it. The film was clearly made by people who touched the source material. It’s not a scene by scene retelling, but its still fun to see Bayo fight angels with all her weapons and “heel boy” sexy talk. There are also the occasional references to other Bayo-related games (ex: the names Sylvia, Clair, Trish, and Ami are mentioned). Its not quite as crazy as the game, but its a nice addition.

Cons: The music. I’m normally not a stickler for that sort of thing, but the music in the film was disappointing. Almost non of the score was able to capture the campy fun of the game. I can only guess that the original music was tied up in legal rights mumbo-jumble and couldn’t be used here. It should stated again that this is a adaption, not a translation, so a few things are off. The pacing especially felt awkward, because the film tried to cram an 8 hour experience in 2. It’s also not as over-the-top in its fan service as the game…so sorry pervs? And for non-game players, the story will not impress you, because even in the game, the story not the strong point.

Watch it?: As a Bayo fan, I liked it.

MVP: The English Cast


They’re the same voices from the game!!

Best Moment: Bayo in a nightie (I think she looked nice).

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Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher

Type: It was made by Madhouse, so it counts


Synopsis: A surprisingly handsome looking Punisher teams up with Black Widow with her 70’s hair to bring down a secret organization making super soldiers. They fight twice, the they bond a little, then the Avengers show up for no reason. It’s not Winter Soldier, but it’ll do.

Pros: So I love when Western properties get the anime treatment, mostly because I can understand the references. Lucky for all you comic nerds, this thing does have the occasional easter egg, including an appearance from Amadeus Cho, Marvel’s 7th smartest man (who rides the Hulk FYI). The team-up of the Punisher and Black Widow worked surprisingly well, especially since I was wary at the start. The Punisher particularly shines in this, as does his English voice actor (though, since he only spoke in short straight forward lines, it wasn’t that hard). This may be my favorite non-comic interpretation of the Punisher, and I wish he could have gotten his own series out of this. The Black Widow on the other hand is, fine. She fights well and her interactions with Amadeus was funny, but her love subplot was middle of the road. Still, pretty fun straight-to-video movie.

Cons: Obviously, they tacked on the “Avengers” part to sell more copies. Because even though it technically has Avengers in it, this is a Black Widow/Punisher story. Selling it as something otherwise felt a bit incredulous. As stated above, the Black Widow story felt uneven, and I don’t feel she got as good a portrayal as the Punisher. It wasn’t bad or anything, but it wasn’t great either. If this movie is part of the “MCU” it may take place after the entire franchise is over (which would explain why Captain America doesn’t show up).

Watch it?: Pretty Good overall.

MVP: Frank Castle, The Punisher


I love his design here

Best Moment: When a criminal refused to talk, so the Punisher broke his arm and said, “You mouth seems to be working.” (classic)


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Hellsing Ultimate

Type: Six Years in the Making


Synopsis: The English Hellsing organization hunt and destroy the creatures of the night for Queen and Country. For years, the biggest thing they needed to contend with was the Iscariot group supported by the Vatican. Typical Protestant vs Catholic competition, until a group of VAMPIRE NAZIS!!!!! led by an actual Mad Scientist decide to invade England. Luckily for Hellsing, they have a secret weapon, an incredibly deadly and enigmatic vampire named Alucard, which suspiciously spells “Dracula” backwards, hmm…..

Pros: Man, is this thing stylized. If your a fan of over the top violence with plenty of gore, this is the one for you. This here is high octane folks. It should be noted that this is Hellsing Ultimate, not to be confused with the original Hellsing anime. The differences? Well, for one, this one is much prettier. Second, it apparently follows the manga plot much for closes. Finally, each episodes is about 45-60 minutes long. I also feel that its very Western friendly. The plot, Nazi Vampires vs. the Church, is familiar enough to come out of a B-movie or video game. The English voice work is fantastic, and an almost textbook example of the difference between localization and straight translation. I myself particularly liked the use of English accents, since the story takes place mainly in Britain. I also found it very impressive that the whole anime works despite taking 6 years to complete.

Cons: This is a very violent anime, which may turn you off. It was also the first instance that I ran into necrophilia in an anime, so….yeah. To the show’s credit though, they had a pretty blond girl with bouncy breasts, and nothing pervy happens to her. Their are some moments when the animation quality fluxuates, and I don’t feel that the humor used landed quite well.

Watch it?: I mean, you do see a lot of Nazis get killed…which is AWESOME (5/5)

MPV: Alexander Anderson


That Scottish Accent Though!

Best Episode: Ep. 5 “Hellsing V” (The Battle of London begins again!)

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Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club

Type: Boys of Swimming


Synopsis: A group of quite frankly RIPPED high school boys decide to restart their school’s swimming team. They mainly do this to reconnect with their old friend Rin…who goes to another school…and seemingly hates their guts now. They get Rin’s boy crazy sister to be their manager, their homeroom teacher and former swimsuit model to be their faculty sponsor, and the pizza man to be their coach. Plus, their all based on animals. Plus, plus, I’m pretty sure their this close to making out with each other.

Pros: Did I mentioned that these boys are RIPPED. Seriously, the got that weird V thing on their hips. What is that V thing? It is the top of your hip bones? Is it like a secret muscle only beautiful people know about? Ah, anyway, the show has stellar animation and pretty funny moments. It’s not an outright comedy, just about 85% of it. My favorite gags were Gou’s fangirling over the boy’s muscles, and Miho’s desperate attempts to hide her modeling past. The rest is melodrama, which mostly consists of slightly hurt feelings, but in that “I feel bad because I think I made someone else feel bad” way. Empathetic guilt. Not overwhelming, but predictable.

Cons: The opening is misleading. If it was meant as a joke, it definitely overstayed its welcome. Also, not a fan of Rin. He was way too whiny, even when he won. He’s also very weird looking. Every character is based on an animal and Rin is based on a shark. That’s cool, until you notice that Rin’s teeth are all pointy, so whenever he has a sad moment, he looks just plain silly. And he cares about swimming way too much. This is technically a sports anime, so that type of character is to be expected, but still. No one in Umisho got that crazy.

Watch it?: Sadly, no one makes out in this…yet (4/5)

MVP: Rei Ryūgazaki


Should have totally been a Swan, not a butterfly

Best Episode: Ep.4 “Captive Butterfly!” (I also only know butterfly)

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