Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Type: A Bakery takes in a stray that’s also a hot girl

Synopsis: A woman started a bakery-cafe called “Stray Cats,” employing two orphans (Takumi and Fumino). Then she sorta “adopts” this hot poor girl (Nozomi) who kinda looks like a cat (but is totally not a cat). This weird pseudo-incestous “family” than “adopts” a rich stray named Chise (emotionally orphaned, not for reals orphaned).

Pros: Good fan service laughs plus funny pervert-counterattacks. Fumino’s incredibly short fuse, karate chop, and catchphrase “Die  twice!”  are awesome. I also love when the main cast does some sort of activity together. They really play off each other better than most real comedy groups. I guess the combo of angry, spoiled, quiet, nice, airhead, and anime freak is the secret recipe for success.

Cons: This show is weirdly unbalanced. Some episodes are so silly and unique (their’s a Janga episode!), but other episodes are you’re typical anime fare (trying to cheer up a little kid). Then their’s Nozomi, whose supposed to be the new girl character, but isn’t really the focus of the show. Most other shows are usually turned upside down when the new girl come in, hence shinanigans. So she never really feels like a viable female protagonist. But in a weird twist, the core cast actually helps carry the new girl, so nice save.

Watch it?: I wanna say no, but I gatta say yes (3/5)

MVP: Fumino Serizawa

Karate Chop!

Best Episode: Ep. 8 “Stray Cats, Drawn Out” (Jenga!)

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