The Devil is a Part-Timer

Type: The kids are down with the Devil!


Synopsis: Satan, not the biblical one, just some demon king from another dimension, escapes to Earth after losing a battle. Now powerless, he makes ends meet by working at a fast food joint alongside a very healthy young woman. A few of his enemies manage to track him down, but eventually become cool with the idea of the devil working for minimum wage. Beats retail.

Pros: I saw the dub. The dub is hilarious. Watch the dub. They sneak in a “yolo.” This show does an interesting thing in that it veers away just enough from the cliche and predictable. For example, the implies romance is between the Hero Emilia and Satan, but they spend the entire series bickering. The girl that likes Sata, Chiho, is a jealous girl despite being the implied “pure character.” And despite the opening implying otherwise, a large chuck of this show is a comedy. I mean, mythical beings work as part-timers for chripes sake! My only real complaint is that this show wasn’t about the actual Morning Star, Prince of Darkness, May His Rule Never Come to Pass, Devil, if only because I think it would be funny if he kept trying to spread evil while working a 9-5 shift.

Cons: The opening is really misleading. It suggest a hell of a lot more melodrama and Ente Isla story than is actually provided. I think that since is based on a light novel series, that stuff may come later. Satan may one day have to go back home, and the divide between his supposed past evil deeds and current non-chalant character may be explain. But that ain’t happening here. Weirdly enough, a lot more character development happens to the people around Satan than to the demon himself. So your only getting a small portion of a surely larger story, but since this is the fun part, I’ll take it.

Watch it?: Dub. dub. dub. (4/5)

MPV: Hero Emilia


A pretty solid hero. Morals and everything.

Best Episode: “The Devil Climbs the Stairway to School” (take that science!)

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One thought on “The Devil is a Part-Timer

  1. Artemis says:

    Huh. It never really occurred to me until now to watch the dub – I’m normally quite satisfied with just the Japanese language release – but I can definitely see how it could add to the hilarity in this case. Consider it now on my to-watch list.

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