Tokyo Ghoul

Type: Sigh, alright, so this is happening


Synopsis: Kaneki is dating this smoking hottie, until she decides to make him a smoking hottie, by literally cooking and eating him. Well, technically, she wants to eat him raw, but you get the ideal. She’s a “Ghoul,” which is basically a cannibal with super powers. She dies, Kaneki becomes Ghoul, and he spends the next 11 episodes being a big cry baby about it.

Pros: Tokyo Ghoul was apparently one of the big anime of 2014. It got all the good review for it’s impressive animation and gory fight scenes. It deals with things like violence, and survival, and the moral grey that make up human souls. In the show, Ghouls semi-hunted down by humans, and Ghouls semi-hunt down humans for food. We’re suppose to sympathize for the “vegetarian” Ghouls who try their best to live in peace. All well and good.

Cons: KANEKI IS A B#$%. He’s always crying about something. STOP CRYING! Another character I hated was Nishiki Nishio, a real asshole of a ghoul that the show refuses to kill. Kaneki had a chance to kill the monster, but REFUSED. GOD KANEKI, WHY DO YOU SUCK SO HARD. I know Kaneki changes, but the entire show reeks of the nihilistic “nice guys finish last” mentality. As usual, I liked the moral grey between humans and Ghouls, but it was nothing new to the Human vs. Monster troupe. I’m also unclear about how well known Ghouls are in this world. The human’s have an extermination squad, but the Ghoul community seems healthy enough to build an underground society. Thinking about it, I would have preferred for Touka to be the protagonist. She’s seemed more competent.

Watch it?: Man, this was not my type of show (4/5)

MVP: Shou


He’s so delightful

Best Episode: Ep.1 “Tragedy” (actually, not that sad)

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2 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul

  1. Artemis says:

    I think this whole series just got way too camp for me. I get that there’s a market for that, and I also get that I’m clearly not the target audience in the first place (being neither male, a teen, or Japanese), but what got me even more than MC-kun being a whiny brat was the escalating ridiculousness. There’s dramatic, there’s melodramatic, and then there’s anime like Tokyo Ghoul.

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